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Everybody has a different opinion about Will Smith. Slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair. Some approved of the actor’s conduct while others suggested it was inappropriate. The men involved in the incident have both apologized, but there is still much to be debated. However, some people seem to think that it is a political issue and suggest that the attitudes towards this incident are shifting along political lines.

Allie Beth Stuckey, conservative commentator and podcaster, posted this tweet. She said that she had seen a lot of leftists defend Smith and conservatives denouncing the insult. Twitter:

It’s so strange how the Will Smith/Chris Rock affair is moving along right/left lines with many leftists supporting it. It is obvious that if they were both white, we’d be having a national conversation on white privilege and toxic masculinity.

Stuckey’s comment does not seem out of bounds in 2022, when everything is politicized. Bill Maher (HBO host) complained about the trend over a week earlier. He asserted that the country “needs more neutral things, that we can all go ‘oh, you’re not completely different from me on all things.’”

However, good news is available.

In this particular case, politics does not seem to be playing a role in people’s viewpoints on the matter. Actually, data suggests something completely different. According to a YouGov poll, opinions regarding the incident differed among political affiliations.

Among all adults, about 61 percent disagreed with Smith slapping Rock, while 22 percent believed his actions were “acceptable.” Breaking it down by political affiliation, about 22 percent of Democrats, 22 percent of Republicans, and 21 percent of independents agreed that Smith was right. Around 64 percent believed Smith was wrong, while 62 percent were Republicans and 62 percent were independents.

YouGov poll shows that Will Smith’s rape of Chris Rock at Academy Awards has evoked mixed emotions. (Credit:

The progressive left continues to spin its familiar tale about toxic masculinity, even though the incident involved two black men. Below is a very small sample.

But even before the data was out, it wasn’t difficult to see this wasn’t a partisan issue. This was a topic that I witnessed people from all sides of the political spectrum debate. Darvio, my friend and conservative writer, wrote an opinion piece in defense of Will Smith. However, I find the acting talent to be way too extreme. It doesn’t have to be partisan. Reasonable people can still disagree about this. This would make other matters so much easier!

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