Video of Attack on GOP NY Gov. Candidate Lee Zeldin – Opinion

We reported that Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for New York’s gubernatorial election, was attacked onstage by an attacker while Zeldin gave a speech at Perinton VFW Post, NY. This VFW is located near Rochester.

Zeldin was in the middle talking about why so many people are leaving New York to go to other states. It is because it offers them safety and freedom. As Zeldin was speaking, a man approached from the right. Zeldin raised his arm to dissuade him from waving a weapon, likely he was holding a knife.

Then, even more people rush to the podium and knock Zeldin off his feet. Zeldin then is pulled from the crowd by someone. Zeldin is then helped by Joe Chenelly from AMVETS, who was also an elected candidate in the local state legislature, according to reports by NY Post.

It’s very scary when you realize that the guy got that close and could have taken him out, if he raced at him. Zeldin managed to keep him away.

But it says something about Zeldin’s fortitude that he then went on to continue his speech right after the attack.

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