VA Members Can Finally Access, Review, And Understand Their Medical Records On-Demand

You own your medical records, not the institution, medical practice, or physician. Patients with this ownership have the ability to access and comprehend their medical records. Being a more active participant in your medical care may have an impact on the outcome. Technology makes the procedure easier. Those seeking care through the Veteran’s Administration, or VA, as it is commonly known, now have a simple way to access and understand their VA medical information thanks to a partnership with DrOwl. The free DrOwl app is a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform based on proprietary technology that allows VA members to access their medical records with the VA, Medicare, and hundreds of other medical providers.

DrOwl’s machine learning and artificial intelligence collaborate to produce a personalized Patient Portal for each user. This contains physician-curated content written in layman’s terms so patients can better understand their health. By partnering with DrOwl, the VA has dramatically expanded their patient reach while also updating their healthcare procedures for a better patient experience. Patients, family members, and carers now have a better grasp of the health of their loved ones.

“Healthcare is personal,” stated DrOwl CEO and Co-Founder Arvind Raichur. “No one knows someone’s health history better than the patient themselves.  By offering Veterans and their families a better way to manage their healthcare needs, we are not only giving back to them, but also supporting them when it matters most.”

The DrOwl app is safe and simple to use. The app provides on-demand access and sharing, ensuring that you have it when you need it most. VA members can download DrOwl and start accessing their records from a variety of sources right away. DrOwl users can assist improve their care by combining medical records into a single safe, unified record.

According to studies, more than 70% of medical records may contain mistakes. These inaccuracies can have an impact on everything from medical diagnosis and treatment to interpreting genetics, family histories, and individual risk factors for future medical concerns. This knowledge is crucial for families, particularly when loved ones are far away. To better understand their health trajectory, military families can now connect, review, exchange, and collaborate with their practitioners.

DrOwl is ideal for folks who are technologically impaired but want to learn more about their health. “Setting up DrOwl was easy, as was establishing the connection with the VA,” said Tim Quinn, a Navy veteran from Louisiana who served in Iraq. “The DrOwl app brought in a very large amount of information and with the personal search engine, I am able to better understand my health.  I highly recommend this app for any service members who want to know what their records say about them.”

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