VA Governor Glenn Youngkin Overturns Mandates and Takes On Critical Race Theory Immediately Upon Taking Office – Opinion

Glenn Youngkin, a new Virginia governor, began his first day of office with a bang. This could be heard across the country as a signal for other governors who are on the fence about the people and donors.

Youngkin completed some of the most important promises that he made during his historic run for governor by signing a number of executive orders. They include:

  • Stop using Critical Race Theory for public education
  • Investigating “wrongdoing” in Loudon County
  • All businesses can benefit from the opening of the economy
  • Withdrawing from previous “green energy” initiatives that have been harmful to Virginia’s economy and bureaucracy
  • Slashing “job-killing” regulations
  • Students and parents can choose to end school-imposed masking mandates
  • Removing all vaccine mandates from state employees

Youngkin also pledged to “restore integrity and confidence” in the state Parole Board, a move bolstered by the appointment of new Attorney General Jason Miyares, who has already announced he will begin the prosecution of criminal activities in districts in which Soros-backed District Attorneys refuse. Additionally, there are provisions that address human trafficking as well as antisemitism. Youngkin signed these orders right after his Saturday, Jan 15th inauguration

Executive Order number 1He fulfills his Day One commitment to improve education quality by eliminating divisive concepts such as Critical Race Theory from public schools.

Executive Order number 2 delivers on his Day One promise to empower Virginia parents in their children’s education and upbringing by allowing parents to make decisions on whether their child wears a mask in school.

Threerd Executive OrderHe keeps his Day One promise of restoring integrity and trust in the Parole Board of Virginia.

Fourth Executive OrderFulfills his Day One commitment to Loudoun County authorities to investigate any wrongdoing.

Executive Order No. 5By creating the Commonwealth Chief Transform Officer, he fulfills his Day One promise that government would work for Virginians.

Executive Order SixHe keeps his Day One promise that Virginia will be open to business.

Executive Order SevenDelivers on Day One’s promise to stop human trafficking, and to provide assistance to victims.

Executive Order Number EightFulfills his Day One commitment to create a Commission to Combat Antisemitism.

Executive Order number NineHe keeps his Day One commitment to withdraw from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives (RGGI).

Executive Directive No. 1Delivers on Day One Promise to Jumpstart Our Economy by Cutting Job Killing Regulations by 25%

Executive Directive number 2He fulfills his Day One promise of restoring individual freedoms, personal privacy and the elimination of all vaccine mandates for state workers.


Lieutenant-Governor Winsome sears, Governor Youngkin, and the Governor have made it clear that they are committed to restoring power to the people and turning away from overreach by government. The pledge to help Loundon County parents by investigating corruption and violations in their schools and the surrounding bureaucracies is perhaps the most important order in the nation’s education sector.

Virginians may not see significant changes in the state until time. However, there are no doubts that they have been given the opportunity and will continue to do so through 2022 and 2024.

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