USA TODAY: ‘Thanksgiving Represents the Dark Shadow of Genocide’

For the sake of diversity and inclusion USA TodayI was happy to be Debbie Downer for Thanksgiving. The headline, “Indigenous People Plan Day of Mourning” appeared at the top of the page A-2 on their Wednesday-Thursday newspaper. Reporter Michelle Shen began: 

What is the traditional Thanksgiving celebration for Indigenous People?

It is more of a celebration for peace and prosperity among Pilgrims as well, according to many. Thanksgiving symbolizes the darkness of genocideNative People’s resilience.

Twitter also sent the same message: 

Shen also added: 

Dennis W. Zotigh is a tribal citizen Thanksgiving is “a day for mourning”.Zotigh is part of Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Winter Clan and Kiowa Gourd Clan. He also descends from Sitting Bear (the principal war chief of the Kiowas) and No Retreat.

Zotigh states that Thanksgiving to most Natives isn’t a holiday. Remember this, Natives in New England, especially, attempted genocideThey are reminded of this fact each Thanksgiving.”

Joshua Arce is the president and chief executive officer of Partnership With Native Americans. He called ThanksgivingMultigenerational and intergenerational trauma is created by “a day in mourning.”. This is what he associates with Eurocentric terms used by Native peoples to describe colonization, discovery and manifest destiny.

These “Native” leftists would love to share a history that includes “genocide”, colonization, and other crimes to children. 

[Sioux Indian Julie]Garreau believes that education and learning the true history of Thanksgiving are the most important things people can do.

Garreau suggests that Native Americans from South Dakota have tried for a long time to make school curriculums more accurate to Indigenous history. However, they have been continually blocked by the state Legislature.

Arce and Garreau described the Thanksgiving celebration as one that involved mutual cooperation and respect. After learning the truth and understanding, they experienced an abrupt awakening as adults. The dynamic between colonizers, colonized and colonized.

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