US Marines Won the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1943 — 79 Years Later, Joe Biden Is Losing It – Opinion

Eddie Miller is as patriotic a U.S. Marine officer as you can get. Just 23 years old, Miller drove his tank to the Iwo Jima black-sand beach, on February 19, 1945. It was day one in a bloody battle lasting 36 days, during which almost 7,000 U.S. Marines died. An additional 20,000 people were also wounded. The Marines captured the Japanese soldier 216; all others were killed during combat. Finally, the island was secured in March 1945. Eddie Miller was my father.

In the years since my dad’s death, I’ve had myriad thoughts about what he and other members of the Greatest Generation no longer living would think about the state of America and its standing in the world, today. In some respects, I’m glad my dad and his fellow Marines, along with all branches of the service, who fought for — and so many died for — did not live to see what America has become, from moral decline to the left’s attack on America as we know it; the list is long.

From moral decline to the left’s attack on America as we know it, the list is long. This is the end of that list.

As reported by Forbes on Friday, 79 years after U.S. Marines also won the Battle of Guadalcanal, the most inept president in at least modern history is rapidly losing Guadalcanal and the entire Solomon Islands — to Xi Jinping and Communist China.

China and the United States are battling for a World War II battlefield. Guadalcanal was the location of the Guadalcanal Campaign, an American victory led by the U.S. Marine Corps that gave the Allies absolute dominance in the Pacific.

State Department officials visited the Solomon Islands last week to confront China. China yesterday announced that it has signed an agreement that will allow it to send security and law enforcement services to the Solomon Islands upon request.

The U.S. and its allies fear that this will allow China to establish a naval base or foothold. This pact provides lessons that can be used to guide U.S. Pacific policy.

We know too well how Biden does in “showdowns” with Xi Jinping and the ChiComs, not to mention our commander-in-chief (Biden is a travesty to the title) and his hollow Sanction threats against Vladimir Putin’s threats to invade Ukraine  — until it was too late.

While the Solomon Islands, in September 2019, made what is known as “The Switch,” ending a 36-year diplomatic relationship with Taiwan and establishing ties with China, as noted by Forbes, China now aggressively seeks to convince the few remaining countries that have relationships with Taiwan to back down. (Hong Kong could not be reached for comment. These countries are barred from China’s lucrative tourism and business deals.

So where’s the Biden administration? (Other than Clueless Joe™ lying about traveling with Xi Jinping in the foothills of the Himalayas, of course.)

Shortly after The Switch in 2019, Chinese companies began pouring money and “influence” — always cleared with the Communists in Beijing — into the group of islands roughly the size of Maryland, with a population of fewer than 700 thousand people. Why bother? Forbes rightly observed that:

China was surely eyeing the Solomons’ untapped mineral resources, as well as its deepwater ports that would allow it to block adversary military activity.

China provided an alternative to violence that erupted in the capital of 2021. [Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare]A deal would enable him to summon Chinese security force to support him at all times.

Moreover, as noted by Forbes, a draft of the secret agreement leaked on March 24 allegedly reveals language than can easily be exploited by China to intervene in The Solomons’ democratic process and to achieve its own strategic goals, no doubt including docking warships and establishing a military base.

(Hong Kong could not be reached for comment.

Bottom line:

The developing story of the Solomon Islands serves as a warning to the United States, “led” by an addled president who catastrophically left Afghanistan, including abandoning untold numbers of Americans behind the lines of the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet, and, as I referenced earlier, issued umpteen failed threats of sanctions to Vladimir Putin.

The Solomons have become the canary in the coal mine — the Pacific Island states — and U.S. relations in the Pacific as a whole. Add to that increased Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the only one who can think of a better solution. Any of the following America’s cards is chilling as hell.

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