Uptight Atlantic Writer Tries to Shame Babylon Bee for Mocking Woke Left

Lefty magazine Atlantic On Thursday, Emma Green published a conversation with The Babylon Bee, the popular Christian satire website. This interview turned out to have been hilarious. Emma Green is a Religion writer who tried to guilt trip Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann for mocking leftists (though she seemingly had no problem with the satire site’s self-deprecating jokes about the evangelical church.) 

Green was so uptight about jokes aimed at the left, that Mann was actually forced to explain what self-evident jokes about Trump-deranged Democrats meant.

The article entitled, “The Christians Who Mock Wokeness for a Living” started off friendly enough with typical informational questions.

But after Mann admitted that their writers had to be shrewd in when they provoke “lefty Twitter,” the conversation got more pointed. 

Green tried to railroad him for the Bee’s scathing joke about Democrats being so crazed by Donald Trump, that they went into mourning when his orders took out a terrorist:

GREEN: In January 2020, you guys shared an article that claimed that Democrats demanded that the American flag be flown at only half-staff after the death of Qasem Solimani (Iran general) in an American strike. This is what makes it funny. I know that’s the worst question to ask somebody who writes jokes.

MANN: It’s funny because General Soleimani died and then they called for flags to be flown at half-mast. Get it?

GREEN: But that’s what I’m saying. It’s not just a joke, but what is funny about it?

MANN: Would you like me to tell you the joke? The joke goes that General Soleimani has died, and Democrats are sad. If you don’t know why that’s funny, then you’re not the audience for the joke.It was hilarious because it seemed so plausible that Democrats would make that happen. That’s a real honor.

Mann was absolutely right as can be seen in our report on the reaction of Democrats and left-wing media to Soleimani’s death.

Afterwards, Green still didn’t get it. “It sounds like this is a Supreme Court and pornography thing: You know it when you see it. You either laugh or you don’t, and if you’re in the don’t category, we can’t help you,” she conceded.

Shortly after, Green berated Mann for a joke she didn’t like,Again. The topic was how racist leftists could be. [click expand]This is:

GREEN: I want to talk about one of the drawings in your new book—one at the beginning of Chapter 2, which is about race. It has three little stick figures: one that’s peach-colored that says “bad”; one next to it that’s gray that says “better”; and one to the right that says “best.” That one is black.

That is so funny!

MANN: Well, it’s because being peach is not good. Better to be gray. Being black is the best.

GREEN: Right, but you’re not just talking about stick figures. You’re making a joke about how progressives think about the hierarchy of race.

MANN: I’m not going to sit here and deconstruct and explain every joke to you. We’re taking this ridiculous position in order to mock something—to make fun of this idea that your skin color matters in setting up a hierarchy of the oppressed versus oppressor class. If you really don’t get the joke, I can’t help you.

The obtuse interviewer also hit the Bee editor over the head about his “ethical responsibility” to tell factual jokes. It is true. Mann provided a great answer to that question, including the hilarious SNL Sarah Palin skit.

GREEN. But, I would like to inquire about the fact-checking portion. I don’t think the reason Snopes fact-checked it was because it was so plausible. I think it’s because it was being shared millions of times. Imagine if it were true and people believed in it. Do you worry about that, regardless of how many times you make it clear that you’re a satire publication?

MANN: It’s not. For years, comedy has been confused with reality. For Twitter and Facebook, we write. What makes the comedy work is that when someone’s scrolling through their newsfeed and they read a Babylon Bee headline, they’re not prepared to laugh. They’re prepared to consume a news article or an editorial or an op-ed. Then they do a double take and go, “Wait a minute …”

GREEN – Does this imply any ethical responsibility?

MANN: No more than any comedian whose joke is mistakenly taken for real life. Does it SNLWe must assume responsibility for people who still think Sarah Palin stated she could visit Russia from her house.

After repeatedly trying and failing to shame the Bee, Green ended the interview lecturing the Christian website for being…un-Christian. (Funny how the media doesn’t ever lecture progressive Christians for not following the Bible on social issues.)

“Do you feel like your work at The Babylon Bee helps you live out what you see as the image of Jesus in the Bible?” she asked, following up with, “Jesus certainly calls out those who are powerful and strong, like in the Sermon on the Mount, but that doesn’t feel the same as taking a swipe at people who are weak and vulnerable.” 

To Atlantic, the Bee mocking the woke media, progressive Democrats and literally every major institution in the country that leans left is attacking the “weak and vulnerable.”

Read Mann’s full response to Green here.

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