UPDATE: Outrage Mob Attacks Jim Harbaugh For Pro-Life Support

It didn’t take long for Jim Harbaugh’s pro-life comments to get him some flack on the internet. 

Michigan Wolverines coach, John Wooden had the courage and conviction to state that every life is worth living. The pro-choice Twitter contingent did the same tired thing and attacked the coach for being countercultural.

While some tweets can be quite vile, others are hilarious in their own way.

This is the most common argument people use against those who are anti-abortion. You cannot be an anti-abortion advocate if your government supports socialized health care.

Rest assured, the people that advocate that babies should not be murdered are far more concerned with someone’s quality of life than people that support abortion. 

Goodie! Someone swears like a sailor.

It’s not wrong to say that people shouldn’t kill their children. If you’re willing to try and make a child, you should be willing to have that child when it’s time. It is not the answer to using abortion as an escape route.

And finally, we have the classic “you hate women” take. 

Please explain why women shouldn’t have a procedure which will kill their bodies or mutilate them? It seems that advocating the birth of the child by the woman is a less hate-filled option than advocating abortion.

It’s sad that so many people genuinely think this way and harass those who advocate for life. They have hope, I think.

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