‘Unprecedented’! Ex-Google CEO Has Monetary Ties to Biden White House Science Office: Report

Former Google CEO and tech billionaire Eric Schmidt was reportedly involved with Biden’s White House science office in a way that raises serious ethical concerns.

Politico revealed that Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and a leftist billionaire, paid for salaries of officials. President Joe Biden was giving “unprecedented access and power” to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and Schmidt was heavily involved there through his foundation Schmidt Futures, according to Politico. Politico reports that OSTP is a federal agency responsible for setting priorities and focusing on artificial intelligence. It has spent $1.4 trillion annually in science and health.

Politico reports that over a dozen members of the 140-member staff of the office were “associated” with Schmidt. Others were, in fact, current Schmidt employees. Two science office employees received salaries indirectly from “charity arm” Schmidt Futures, including, for some weeks, senior official at OSTP and current chief of staff Marc Aidinoff, Politico wrote. The other science office employee who received monetary aid from Schmidt was reportedly an unpaid consultant and Schmidt employee who had to leave the science office position after “ethics complaints.” Schmidt Futures fellowships were another monetary benefit offered OSTP employees, according to Politico.

Schmidt, the former Google CEO, has also been closely involved in government affairs for many years. Schmidt, who worked for the Obama Defense Department, recently called for tech companies to get more involved in national security, a suggestion that Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) exclusively told MRC Free Speech America would be “incredibly dangerous.” Schmidt also helped former president Bill Clinton develop his WhiteHouse.gov website and personally campaigned for former U.S. president Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Breitbart reported on Schmidt’s long-time connection to the defense industry, including through the Obama administration’s Defense Innovation Board.

Schmidt sits on several boards, including companies with an AI or 5G focus. Politico reported that the former CEO of Google chaired the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. It was established in 2018. According to reports, he has advocated for greater federal involvement in AI and 5G. Schmidt reportedly poured millions into defense startup Rebellion Defense, which has ties to the Biden administration through Biden’s transition team, according to Breitbart. Schmidt is an alleged strategic advisor to Chainlink Labs, a blockchain project. Politico wrote that Schmidt helped launch and continues on the board of Civis Analytics, which helps Democrat campaigns, including Biden’s 2020 campaign.

“OSTP ethics officials were alarmed” with Schmidt Futures involvement in the “hiring and use” of both fellows and consultants, Politico wrote.

Schmidt is also connected to Eric Lander, former head of the Biden OSTP and Broad Institute founding Director, as well as other Biden officials. Lander resigned as Biden’s science advisor after a workplace scandal, CNN reported.

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