Univision News Shows Brief Flash Of Moral Clarity While Covering Biden’s ‘SOB’ Doocy Dig

Univision was the country’s most prominent Spanish-language channel and showed some moral clarity when it reported a story that wasn’t favorable to Democrats for just a few seconds.

Watch late-night anchors León Krauze and Patricia Janiot as they cover President Biden’s personal dig at Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, as aired on Noticiero Univisión Edición NocturnaOn Monday, January 24, 2022

PATRICIA JANIOT: Let’s go now to the White House, Galo- not to discuss Ukraine but to tell you about what President Biden said. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy was insulted by him. After Peter Doocy, a journalist asked him if inflation was a concern in the midterm election elections, he made the insult. Biden was frustrated by the question and instantly reacted in this manner. Listen:

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: That’s a great asset. Inflation. This is a foolish bitch.

JANOT – President Biden called Peter Doocy, a journalist, and asked him for an apology. It is unbelievable, León, that a President of the United States would be unable to take a question as important as the one that Doocy asked him. 

LEON KRAUZE (Absolutely) Biden previously stated that such a reaction was unacceptable. It is. This is inexcusable. 


KRAUZE : It’s unfortunate.

The report was not perfect, however. Biden actually did not apologize for Doocy. Instead, he offered the unapologetic “never personally, pal” instead. Janiot’s description of Fox being continually critical of Biden is also noteworthy. This makes it seem as if Biden expects us to forget Univision’s actions over the last decade. This report is a small glimmer at moral clarity amid a sea full of spin and apologies. It is only a glimmer, because Univision quickly reverted back to their usual serviility toward Democrats. 

Of note, this exchange happened during León Krauze’s maiden broadcast on Univision’s late night newscast. Krauze just joined the national desk following a lengthy stint as anchor at Univision’s Los Angeles affiliate KMEX-34, and some of you may remember him for putting the squeeze on Bernie Sanders back in 2016. 

A network that has been doing the exact opposite for so long is at a loss to cover a true story fairly and accurately. It’s refreshing to witness this. We have been saying for years that Univision viewers deserve better. This time, things got worse. We will see if this is a temporary blip or the start of an important editorial correction. The future will reveal itself.

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