Univision Journalist DESTROYS Biden Over Inflation

Univision’s newest host, journalist Luis Carlos Vélez, closed his nightly Línea de Fuego(“Firing Line”) broadcasts with a harsh indictment on President Joe Biden’s reaction to the continuing inflationary crisis.

Watch as (trained economist) Vélez needs no more than minute and 24 seconds to completely obliterate the White House’s crafted narrative on inflation:

LUIS CARLOS VELEZ – And the final word. President Biden. Please. Let’s stop blaming others and confront the problem of inflation in our country. It’s too much for people to take anymore. We were all shocked by your words today, okay? They were more than a way to wash our hands of an extremely difficult situation with regard to prices. This, Mr. President does not match your opposition. It is not the Federal Reserve. You are the one who is affected.You have been elected. To be able to offer solutions and convince along with your fellow citizens, you should lead. This is the worst inflationary scenario for 40 years. FORTY. Now it’s time for the moon, stars and sun to be blamed. Clearly. Covid’s most severe aspect occurred two years earlier. Your arrival was a sign that we were already on the road to recovery. The administration was responsible for giving out stimulus packages to people who didn’t need them. It is also your fault that we still haven’t put in place a solution to the supply chain issue.Can you please wait, Mr. President! People don’t eat from politics. People are nourished by wages, job opportunities and other resources. You, President, are responsible for doing anything.

Vélez, a well-respected journalist from Colombia with a reputation for being a straight shooter, was brought in to host Línea de Fuego– a nightly debate program that airs on Univision 24/7, the streaming news channel found on Univision’s Vix application. Vélez’ closing remark is a stark departure from the network’s traditional offerings, both in style and in substance.

Univision seems to believe that personnel policy is Univision’s goal. This is similar to trying to transform an aircraft carrier. However, given the fact that 31% of Hispanics believe corporate media is trustworthy it’s not a bad idea. Time will ultimately tell but in the meantime, we’ll keep watching.

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