University’s ‘Antiracism’ Posters Teach Students to View Each Other by Race – Opinion

College — it’s a place of guidance. A plastered poster illuminates the path for California State University, Fullerton students.

If you’ve not been categorizing people by identity groups, the school makes clear you’ve missed the mark.

Noelle Fitchett, a student from New York City, recently posted a picture of a sign that was allegedly hanging inside her Chemistry Lab.

“CHEMISTRY LAB,” she repeatedAll caps

The poster hails an enhancement of “equitable learning,” which involves CSUF’s “particular” racial “emphasis”:

Establish a community on campus that supports equitable outcomes for all students. Particular emphasis should be placed on incentivizing and assessing the closing of opportunities for students who are historically from racially minorized groups. Faculty should have the tools and knowledge to promote equitable learning.

Specifically in focus: black and American Indian attendees…

Double the efforts of all departments to attract, retain and graduate students from low-income communities. Particular emphasis is placed on Native American/Indigenous titans and Black/African American.

By grouping people by their race, the college hopes to eradicate racism. Such will “radiate…inclusion”:

Amplify Our HSI Designation & Radiate an Identity of Inclusion – Ensure our identity as a multiethnic, multiracial, and multicultural institution that is committed to a future free of racism and bias is clearly articulated and visible to everyone — internally and externally. Our eligibility to be designated as an Asian American Pacific Islander Serving Institution and a Hispanic Serving Institution are examples of this.

Beyond those, Cal State Fullerton will ensure more “underrepresented racial and ethnic communities” register for school. Furthermore, it instructs all students to “recognize and call out structural racism.”

Lastly, the school promises to “create an antiracist community,” which is to say, a community which emphasizes race.

After all, as stated by CNN, “antiracism” seeks to maim microaggressions such as the following:

“I’m colorblind; I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, green or purple.”

It is clear that CSUF It’s amazing! cares. It cares so much, reportedly, it’s placed papers all over campus encouraging all to view one another according to race.

The school identically repeats the poster’s points on its website.

It claims that the past year was a woefully white supremacist.

These past 12 months have exposed many layers of injustice, including systemic inequities and biases as well as racism. This is what too many of my colleagues and students are experiencing every day. As a nation, we have been fully awakened to anti-Blackness in our society — from police violence and attacks on peaceful protestors, to a white nationalist insurrection in our Capitol. It happened during a worldwide pandemic, which had a disproportionate impact on the health of Black communities and triggered anti Asian hate and violence. We must intensify and speed up our efforts in dismantling structural oppression to interrupt patterns of individual or collective behavior around and within our country.

“First,” the university asserts, “we must complete this work at home.”

As for structural racism, it’s a peculiar thing: Institutions have, of late, rampantly claimed there is racism embedded into America’s systems. They have, however, so far failed to identify such. It would help to immediately eliminate the problem if they did.

Cal State Fullerton is pursuing antiracism promotion and LGBTQ+ promotion in place of the at-once extract.

We must do transformative intersectional work among, between, and with the diverse communities who are constantly marginalized in order to be an active inclusive and equitable campus. When oppression is interconnected, it’s impossible to separate the conversations between justice for all marginalized people and justice for racial justice. It is time to look at the history of racial and human rights movements like the LGBTQ+ and immigration movements.

To that end, it will “embed anti-racist and non-discriminatory behaviors and structures within the core of the [school] experience.”

Is it possible to eliminate discrimination by emphasizing the differences? It will surely be an innovation victory, if so.

CSUF students have the opportunity to look forward towards antiracist chemistry.

Also, anti-SAT admissions

This is how our academic evolution continues.



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