University Renames Its Women’s Clinic Because ‘Women’ Was Medically Inaccurate – Opinion

At the University of Arkansas, there’s been a major change.

Previously, the school’s Pat Walker Health Center operated a campus “Women’s Clinic.” But recently, those in charge hankered for something less limiting.

Hence, the medical center’s now called the “GYN Clinic.”

According to The College Fix an email about the upgrade can be considered important.

A.J. Olsen: Registered Health Information Administrator Director for Medical Services Olsen:

“This name change is important, as the Pat Walker Health Center affirms diversity and aims to create a welcoming environment for all patients.”

It’s an interesting idea: Would the name of a medical center — otherwise known as a place responding to medical urgency — deter a patient in mid-need? How many non-Christians have been repelled away by a St. John’s or a Baptist Hospital?

Perhaps society has changed; and, as they say, “representation matters.”

So if you’re a guy, the “GY(n)” center’s ready. And if “gynecology” matches your unmentionables, that’s on offer, too.

UofA reached out to The Fix regarding its moniker revamp:

School spokesman John Thomas told The Fix in an email that the name change “was not necessary per se” but that the clinic “just felt GYN better aligned with medical terminology regarding the services the clinic provides.”
Thomas said the cost of making the change was “negligible if any,” as the name can “simply be revised online at no cost.”

Feminist attorney — and Women’s Human Rights Campaign U.S. chapter President — Kara Dansky doesn’t appear impressed by the medical alignment. “These clinics say that they are doing this in order to be more ‘inclusive,’” she said, but “what they are really doing is obliterating the material reality of biological sex.”

In November, the Democrat was as follows:

“My party has been pushing this gender identity agenda in law and throughout society, and it’s terrible for women and girls. … Every single person is either female or male. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. ‘Transgender’ isn’t real. It was simply made up to persuade people that there’s some coherent category of people for whom sex is irrelevant. We should never be ashamed to state that this is false. Regardless of where we land on the political aisle.”

Either way, Arkansas certainly isn’t doing something unique. Women aren’t getting the recognition previously procured:

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Even for Women’s History Month, the traditional term couldn’t be tossed a bone:

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Are women going to be like the dodo birds? For all the cultural talk of “erasure,” as a class, they’re getting regularly rubbed.

There is always a chance for a comeback.

Even so, for those wanting services related to cervixes, at the University of Arkansas, being a “woman” is neither here nor there.



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