Union Nearly Boos Lori Lightfoot off Stage – Opinion

Lori Lightfoot was supported by one of her first unions during the 2019 Chicago runoff elections. She gave them a warm greeting today as she stood to give remarks.

Lightfoot was drowned by the chorus of boos during the annual fundraiser for Plumbers Union Local 130.

Another attendee described it as bashing her off the stage. She said she had spoken for less than one minute.

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“Almost deafening,” the person said. “I was sitting at the table with a bunch of plumbers. They’re like, `We’ve never heard that before here.’ … Clearly, their membership is not with her. … They were calling her names. It was bad.”

After being picked up on by conservative media, video purportedly shot at the event was circulated via social media. It showed Jim Coyne, the union’s business manager, introducing Lightfoot and a loud round of boos erupting as she took the podium.

“I knew that was going to happen,” one person said off camera in the video.

“That’s f—-ing brutal,” another person said in the video.

Union leadership attempted to minimize what had happened by describing it as a few people and insignificant when it was clearly a large number of people.

The union members are mad at her because of what? Workers are angry about the mandates for vaccines, which requires city workers to either report their COVID-19 vaccination status (or be put on unpaid parental leave). These workers object to these dictatorial practices. It was the unions that would stand in the way of Democratic authoritarianism. Let me just say that I do believe unions have some utility. However, the leaders of this union seem to deny the truth.

It’s a big thing in Chicago, which may lose one-third of their police force, if they are terminated over failure to report their vaccination status and/or not get vaccinated. It’s a clear and present danger to the safety of the city.

But this is a bellwether of what’s playing out across the country. It’s not just important to show the ire that people are feeling against the high-handed Lori Lightfoot — it’s what many unions and other city employees in big Democratic cities are feeling across the country.

So, here’s a big question for Lightfoot and her Democratic pals. What do you think all these folks to whom you are being dictatorial — many of whom might ordinarily have voted for Democrats — are going to do come the midterms?

Pro tip? They’re not going to be lining up to vote for Democrats. They’re going to vote for the Republican candidates or they’re going to stay home. Prepare for the rout that is about to come next year, because these union members and other Americans are going to remember come next November — and it isn’t going to be pretty.

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