Unhinged Joy Reid: GOP & NRA’s Tolerance for Slaughter Is Bottomless

MSNBC’s Joy Reid once again proved how deep her hatred runs for her fellow Americans who share a different political opinion, especially on gun rights. In the first segment of her show, Joy Reid screamed at people who disagree with her views on gun rights. ReidOut, she lashed out at Republicans and the National Rifle Association (NRA) and made the recklessly irresponsible claim that their “tolerance for slaughter [is] bottomless.”

Reid started off kvetching about the right to own an AR-15 and wailed that “you can’t even hunt with an AR-15 because you’d have nothing to bring home and hang on your wall” as if the purpose of the Second Amendment was to enable Americans to go hunting instead of the real purpose which is self-defense against potential government tyranny. That’s not to mention that one can, in fact, go hunting with an AR variant.

She then proclaimed that she thinks she and her party have the right to politicize mass shootings: “please spare me the don’t politicize this BS because these deaths, these record numbers of Americans slaughters [sic] are political.” 



“They are happening because of uniquely American politics. They are happening because 327 million Americans are essentially hostages to a morally and financially bankrupt gun lobby and the heartless, gutless politicians that they buy and own,” Reid huffed. 

Proving that she is the vilest person on cable news, Reid begged Americans to “please stop thinking that there is some body count, some level of brutality and carnage that will move them, these Republicans and their two pet Democrats, that the rivers of blood will one day run deep enough.” 

She added that “their tolerance for blood and the NRA’s tolerance for slaughter are bottomless.” 

Reid redoubled her dangerous rhetoric later on in her interview with Fred Guttenberg (radical anti-gun Parkland parent). Reid referred to conservatives as “ghouls” and smeared Texas Governor Greg Abbott claiming that “there is no amount of blood and carnage that’s gonna move” him to support gun control. 

Such irresponsible language could result in another shooting at Republicans. This happened after a Bernie Sanders-supporter and Rachel Maddow supporter shot at Congressional Republicans during their baseball practice. Reid is breeding hatred of conservatives and it’s irresponsible. 

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MSNBC’s ReidOut
Eastern, 7:06:03 PM 

JOY RID: An AR-15 is not allowed for hunting. You’d be left with nothing. It’s also impossible to own an AR-15 and bring it home to hang up on the wall. However, buying one is cheaper than renting a car. This is what every child faces. These events are a result of American politics. These events are occurring because 327,000,000 Americans have become hostages to an ethically and financially bankrupt gun lobby, along with the heartless and gutless politicians they own. Please stop believing that there will be any body count or level of violence that can move these Republicans and their pet Democrats. That the rivers of blood would one day flow deep enough, the deaths will be so horrific that politicians will simply say “enough.” 

We must do something, because both their tolerance of blood and NRA’s tolerance to slaughter are unending. The pain and suffering that all Americans who have been slaughtered will endure for their entire lives, including the terror and grief felt by the grandparents of those children as well as shoppers, grandmas, and parishioners of bible studies, is unimaginable. This is what we all are, so please don’t be apolitical about it.


Eastern, 7:12:23 

REID: I’m afraid of this and would love to hear from you about it. Is that they are ghouls, they have no—there is no bottom — there is no amount of blood and carnage that’s gonna move Greg Abbott. Beto O’Rourke, who showed little compassion today, revealed their true selves when he entered the room. They started to snarl.

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