‘Unforeseen Tragedy’ Forces DeSantis to Cancel $25K-a-Plate Fundraiser Appearance – Opinion

Popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), whose clout has steadily grown on the national political stage, was forced to cancel a Sunday appearance at a pricey fundraiser for New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin on Long Island, due to an “unforeseen tragedy,” according to a rep for Zeldin.

DeSantis was set to make an appearance at the $25,000-aplate Oyster Bay gathering.

Katie Vincentz, Zeldin spokesperson, declined to comment while speaking with the New York Post.

A tragic event forced Governor DeSantis’ trip to New York to be rescheduled. While we’re rescheduling with Governor DeSantis for a later date, tonight’s fundraiser will proceed and is expected to raise almost a million dollars.

As the Post noted, Zeldin has been hoping to add some national firepower to his campaign, as he squares off against New York’s unelected governor, Kathy Hochul, who took up residence in the New York State Executive Mansion after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s luck ran out and he was forced to resign in disgrace.

Hochul being Hochul, she pulled an incredibly boneheaded move — reminiscent of Hillary Clinton calling half of America a “basket of deplorables” — last week, telling New York Republicans to leave the state because “they’re not New Yorkers.”

Get on the bus and go to Florida, where you belong.

This sounds like someone who is very friendly, right? Not unlike President “Unity” and his unhinged rants against the Donald Trump and the MAGA crowd.

Imagine the fun that straight-talking DeSantis would’ve had with That’s it! if he had been able to speak at Zeldin’s fundraiser. Something tells me he’ll You can do more than simply respond the next time he’s in town.

Even more ammunition for DeSantis against the embattled New York governor: Hochul fired an unprovoked shot at the Florida governor during a recent event commemorating the Holocaust, while joking about New York Jews leaving the Empire State for Florida — always a ‘brilliant” political tactic.

To the approximately 1.77 million Jews that call New York their home, I want to express my gratitude. Don’t go anywhere or to another state. Florida is underrated. I shouldn’t say this but look at the governor. It all starts from the top.

“Getting in trouble – gotta stay on script,” Hochul quickly added, as she was forced to quickly segue her introduction of Holocaust survivor Celia Kener at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan.

As of this article, the DeSantis camp had not commented on the nature of the “unforeseen tragedy.” Desantis faces a re-election bid against Democrat Charlie Crist, who sold his soul to the Devil, years ago.

DeSantis has been stumping for Republican candidates in several states in a bid to bolster the GOP’s national standing which, contrary to conventional “wisdom” on the “R” side, is in need of bolstering.

This is the part where I say 2024 is going to be for all the marbles, Republicans; don’t screw it up.

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