Ukraine Relief Bill Passes Despite Some GOP Opposition – Opinion

In a sign of growing discontent with the Biden Administration’s approach toward the Russian-Ukrainian war, 57 House Republicans voted late Tuesday against HR 7691, the Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022. It passed by 368 to 57.

It provides additional Ukrainian aid of $40 billion, which is $7 billion more that the Biden Administration wanted. AP gives an overview of all aid provided.

American support of the initiative would rise to almost $54billion, with $13.6billion in congressional support. That’s about $6 billion more than the U.S. spent on all its foreign and military aid in 2019, according to a January report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, which studies issues for lawmakers. It’s also around 1% of the entire federal budget.

Rep. Kay Granger (TX) supported the bill, despite the fact that it was defeated by 57 votes.

Madame Speaker, today I support H.R. The bill 7691 would add additional support to Ukraine and the other countries in the region.

Ten weeks back, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine’s sovereign state.

In order to assist Ukraine and allies in this illegal and unprovoked attack on their country, Congress has provided almost 14 billion dollars through its fiscal year 2022 appropriations bills for emergency funding.

That funding has been crucial in Ukraine’s efforts to fight back against Putin’s evil invasion.

We have a bill that would give roughly $40 billion to help with the current conflict.

Russia continues to hold the country under its control, so more resources will be needed.

  • Military assistance for the Ukrainian military forces
  • This conflict has created a humanitarian crisis that must be addressed.
  • Help us support our regional allies.

A large portion of the bill will also go to backfill DOD’s weapons and equipment.

The United States has the best weapons in the world, and it is critical that we not only supply those to our allies in their time of need – as we have done to Ukraine – but that we ensure our own troops continue to have what they need.

China, Iran, North Korea and North Korea are watching us respond. This is a chance for America to show the world it stands by its allies, and that we will protect our foreign interests wherever necessary.

These are the reasons I ask my coworkers to support this bill. I will reserve my time for any other matters.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA (in a tweet) stated her opposition to the bill. multiple objectionable points.

The America LAST 40 BILLION Ukraine First bill, which we’re voting on tonight is authorizing funds for the CIA to do what or how much.

American moms need NO BABY FORMULA

$54,000,000 for #Covid4Ever

It would be more cost-effective to keep Title 42 intact.

And $900 million to be given to “qualified” organizations and non-profits, aka friends and family of politicians “businesses,” to provide wrap-around services (look that one up), housing, medical, and just free everything.

American moms need NO BABY FORMULA

Anybody who has just passed through Ukraine is eligible for resettlement

American moms need NO BABY FORMULA

Also entitlement programs.

All the entitlement programmes?


Enjoy slushy fun (sicFor the State Department for Ukraine and other countries.

There is also a new Ukrainian Embassy, it seems.

But no baby formula for American moms!

Greene spoke in opposition to the bill as well.

Now, the Senate will take up the bill, but its future looks uncertain, according to AP.

However, it wasn’t clear when the Senate would act. There were changes, but Mitch McConnell from the Senate Minority Leader, a Republican from Kentucky, insisted that the measure only be focused on the war.

“I think we’re on a path to getting that done,” McConnell told reporters. “It needs to be clean of extraneous matters, directly related to helping the Ukrainians win the war.”

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