‘Thrill-Seeking’ Prison Guard Who Had Sex With Inmate Sobs After Hearing Judge’s Sentence

“This quite reprehensible behavior was nothing other than thrill-seeking.”

A female prison guard in the U.K. is going to jail after pleading guilty to charges of misconduct in a public office for having a sexual relationship with an inmate, the BBC reported.

The guard, 26-year-old Emily Watson, told Mold Crown Court that she notified superiors of her relationship with inmate John McGee when she thought things were getting out of hand.

According to the Daily Mail, Watson visited McGee’s cell alone on three different occasions between October 2017 and January 2018. On a Christmas Day visit, Watson had sex with McGee in his cell.

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Watson also smuggled an iPhone 6 into the prison so she could have conversations with McGee when she was off duty, even going so far as to have sexual interactions with him on FaceTime and sending him nude pictures via Instagram. The two also spoke by phone frequently, logging 96 calls during their four-month relationship.

McGee, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence, has been in prison since 2015 after causing the death of 52-year-old Richard Bratin in a reckless driving accident. According to the report, McGee was fleeing police at a high rate of speed with his headlights off when he collided with Bratin, killing him.

After hearing testimony, Judge Nicolas Parry said “everything about this case is so, so wrong.”

“One can only hope the sentence of eight years imprisonment would have been some comfort to the family of Mr Bratin,” Parry said. “Therefore it is difficult to imagine the betrayal they must have felt at finding out that he was able to have free access to an iPhone in prison and conduct a sexual relationship from his prison cell.”

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Friends and family of Watson wrote letters to the court vouching for her good character, telling the judge they were proud of her achievements. Her attorney argued Watson’s sentence should be suspended because his client was truly remorseful for her actions.

But while Parry acknowledged her lack of previous convictions, he disagreed with a suspended sentence.

“This quite reprehensible behavior was willingly entered into for nothing other than thrill-seeking and personal gratification, having been flattered,” Parry said.

Watson’s case was delayed after she was subjected through a mental health evaluation following an attempt to throw herself off a bridge. Parry sentenced Watson to a one-year prison sentence for the relationship.

Watson could be seen sobbing as the judge handed down his sentence.

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