Feminist Who Went Viral for Posting About $300 ‘Gift’ From Her Sugar Daddy Outraged People Think She’s a ‘Hoe’

“Society sexualizes tf out of women and the second we use it to our advantage we’re hoes?”

A college student sparked controversy on social media last week after she tweeted out a screenshot that she claimed showed her receiving $300 from her “sugar daddy.”

Bethany Arlett, a Texas A&M student who majors in philosophy, declared that “Sugar daddies are better than boyfriends” in a viral tweet that garnered more than 31,000 likes and nearly 6,000 retweets.

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The image purportedly shows an exchange between Arlett and her benefactor, in which she expresses distress over feeling unprepared for an impending exam.

A wave of reactions ensued, with many commenters saying Arlett was prostituting herself.

She was outraged by the accusations and responded with a stance that echoed feminist criticisms of the patriarchy’s desire to control women’s sexuality.

“Society sexualizes tf out of women and the second we use it to our advantage we’re hoes? LMAO, sit down and watch me secure the bag,” she wrote.

But Arlett made sure to clarify the “advantage” she was referring to was not explicitly sexual.

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“I don’t fuck for money pls stfu. This one is for all the girls that have ever worked at twin peaks, hooters, bartenders, etc.,” she tweeted.


“Bro people are really pressed that men WILLINGLY send me money,” Arlett wrote in a followup tweet. “So much so that they’ve found the stupidest reasons to try and drag me? SOMEONE FUCKING BLAMED MY MAJOR?!? MY MAJOR?!?!?!?!?!?”

Arlett’s agitation might have been eased by the many admirers who supported and praised her situation

“Help a girl out! Tell me your ways,” wrote one backer.

“A positive affirmation AND money?? Now that’s my love language,” wrote another commenter.

Several users asked “where they could find” a sugar daddy of their own.


The controversy over whether Arlett’s actions are a feminist show of empowerment or an indictment of a vapid, exploitative modern culture reflect a broader debate on the role of feminism in America.

Many progressives argue that feminism has helped women express loosen the oppressive strictures of the patriarchy, especially in regard to autonomy over their bodies and sexuality.

Nadia Bokody, a sex expert and journalist, made headlines recently by blogging about dealing with the agony of a divorce by engaging in a sexual experiment that involved a week of sex with seven different people, which left her feeling empowered and liberated by her raw pursuit of sexual gratification.

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