U.S. Capitol Ordered Evacuated Because Everything Is Stupid – Opinion

Wednesday evening saw the US Capitol Police execute the execution of an unarmed lady on January 6, 2021. We last saw them in action, and they ordered us to evacuate the US Capitol.

“The USCP is tracking an aircraft that poses a probable threat to the Capitol Complex,” read the email announcement issued a little after 6:30 p.m.

The AP report provides some insight into the matter.

According to two sources, the aircraft, which was single-engine, was reported as being circling Washington, after taking off at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. According to the people, the plane did not take off or have proper clearance. The subject matter was not public and the people spoke on condition that they remain anonymous to The Associated Press.

It seems from this description that Capitol Police knew the aircraft was taking off from an military base. In the law enforcement business, that is what used to be known as a “clue.” Perhaps in these days of sexual and species diversity, it no longer occurs to anyone that an aircraft launching from the military airbase that supports Air Force One is not hostile. Instead, they claim that the plane didn’t report taking off (this implies the Capitol Police were waiting for a take-off notice) and didn’t have proper clearance. These claims have a slim chance of being true.

These statements are so certain. Yes, we do know who was aboard the plane.

This was the US Army parachutist team, the Golden Knights jumping into an Nationals game. They are not strangers to parachute jumping around DC. The Golden Knights have an entire support staff that ensures their flights adhere to all regulations. It is likely that this issue was not related to the permission or take-off, but rather to some bureaucrat trying show ownership of a specific fire hydrant.

Ignorants rule our country. Ignorants do stupid things in our government. Is that what we want?

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