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An Israeli study earlier this month showed that simple Aspirin can significantly reduce the chances of COVID death rates. Major media outlets have launched an offensive against Aspirin to discourage people from using it as a heart attack preventive.

A Jerusalem Post article published last Wednesday claims that Israeli researchers copied the George Washington University study in which they found over 400 people with COVID who had used aspirin to treat their condition. The simple procedure resulted was a 44% reduction in the need for a mechanical ventilator. It also reduced ICU admissions by 33% and hospital mortality by 47%.

The Israelis performed the same test and got similar results. Dr. Jonathan Chow, the researcher team discovered that people who take aspirin are less likely to contract a COVID infection.

Israeli researchers reached similar results in a preliminary trial at the Barzilai Medical Center in March. Aspirin was found to have immunological effects, including reducing blood clots. The group that took aspirin were 29% less likely than the others to contract the virus.

“Aspirin is low cost, easily accessible and millions are already using it to treat their health conditions,” said Chow. “Finding this association is a huge win for those looking to reduce risk from some of the most devastating effects of COVID-19.”

This should be great news for everyone as aspirin is not only incredibly common, it’s cheap too. People of all strokes can get some and it won’t just help with COVID, it has many other health benefits as well.

Andrew Malcolm, Andrew Malcolm’s colleague, reported that today aspirin may be considered useless or even harmful to your health. This is after around a decade of doctors and government advising people to take aspirin daily to fight off heart disease, the world’s number one killer. Malcolm stated that aspirin is used by 30 million people every day, including him.

This attack is being supported by the media.

The Hill reported that the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommends that adult between 40-60 get their doctor’s approval before they take aspirin to improve their cardiovascular health.

“The latest evidence is clear: starting a daily aspirin regimen in people who are 60 or older to prevent a first heart attack or stroke is not recommended,” said one task force member in a statement. “However, this Task Force recommendation is not for people already taking aspirin for a previous heart attack or stroke; they should continue to do so unless told otherwise by their clinician.”

“Daily aspirin use may help prevent heart attacks and strokes in some people, but it can also cause potentially serious harms, such as internal bleeding,” said another member.

The New York Times got in on the action as well, highlighting that this same panel recommended aspirin for preventing heart disease as early as 2016, but is suddenly now “retreating” from this position. The Times also makes it clear that these “guidelines” are not yet final.

CNN, the ever-sinister, also reported the same.

Amazing how aspirin becomes suddenly a villain right after being called an anti-COVID superhero. This is even more surprising considering that this was predicted by many.

Host of a radio program and an author Steve Deace said he “joked”After the Israeli study, aspirin was given the same treatment that Ivermectin. His joke was realized a few days later. Tom Elliot, founder of Grabien, attempted to post a link on how Ivermectin and aspirin reduced the COVID mortality rates by two-thirds. Twitter forbid him from posting the link

While there’s no hard paper trail that’s surfaced as of yet, this sudden attack on aspirin follows a pattern of medications being attacked after they were discovered (or at least generated strong evidence) to be effective against COVID-19. Every egg has been put in the vaccination basket and everything that could threaten it is destroyed. It happened to Ivermectin, it happened to hydroxychloroquine, and now it’s happening to the humble aspirin.

The vaccine is the only hope. Only the vaccine can save lives. All you need is the vaccine.

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