Twitter Suspends ‘Breaking 911’ After They Report on Viral Ad from AZ GOP Candidate – Opinion

We’ve seen a lot of Twitter suspensions happening again. They nailed Jordan Peterson for supposedly “deadnaming” the transgender actor Elliot Page. Then they suspended Dave Rubin for reporting and commenting on Peterson’s suspension. Elon Musk then spoke out against Peterson’s suspension saying that “they’re going way too far in squashing dissenting opinions.”

Twitter suspended Breaking 911 Wednesday. It is a Twitter account that has 1.3 million followers and only posts news.

Libs of TikTok spoke with Breaking 911 and they got a notice that it was about “ban evasion.” But Breaking 911 told Libs that it has never had another account and never evaded a ban. Elon Musk was also mentioned by the Libs. This is yet another unjustified and inexplicable move made by Twitter.

But some commented that it followed the account posted on the viral ad of Arizona GOP candidate Jerone Davison which featured Democrats in Klan robes being a reason for “needing” an AR-15.

After the chaos began, Twitter restored it and users began to ask for its explanations. Twitter responded to an NBC inquiry that the account had been suspended in “error” because of an “automated spam filter.” Where have we heard that it was done in “error” before? However, this error seems to occur more frequently in one direction. I’m not sure that anyone buys this anymore. The explanation isn’t going over well on the platform.

According to Breaking 911, while Twitter responded to NBC, they hadn’t responded to Breaking 911’s inquiries on the matter.

You can talk about bias here. What is the reason they are giving a reply to NBC but not to the account holder. It seems another way of saying “We recognize NBC as ‘news’ but not you” — not even if Breaking 911 is the account in question.

NBC’s Brandi Zadrozny also took a shot at Breaking 911 in her report about the suspension, saying that Breaking 911 was the “most notorious” of the Breaking accounts. Breaking 911 had a cheeky “sidenote” response to that.

They included a clip of Brian Williams — known for the scandal over his misstatements on the network. NBC didn’t fire him over it — so much for truth or objectivity. Instead, he was reassigned to MSNBC.

We’re not going to get any real answers for things like this or any change with the current crew that seems to have no issue doing things like this. Musk coming in can’t happen soon enough, but finalizing the deal may take a few months yet.

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