Twitter Is Dunking All Over Jussie Smollett. And It. Is. Brutal.

“Retweet if you are laughing with me!”

Conservatives have been brutally mocking Jussie Smollett Thursday night after news broke that police suspect he may have worked with two Nigerian extras from his TV show to stage an attack against himself.

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People joyfully recalled all the Democratic presidential wannabes who were quick to interpret Smollett’s alleged attack as a heinous hate crime.

One America Network host Jack Posobiec joked that he didn’t know what to tell his young son anymore.

Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson took a shot at The Daily Dot, a left-leaning online outlet that had mocked conservative doubts regarding Smollett’s version of events.

“Is Ellen Ioanes around?” Pierson wrote, referencing the outlet’s star investigative reporter.

Right-wing influencer Caleb Hull compared the uncritical way that mainstream outlets covered Smollett’s attack to the now-infamous hysteria over the “MAGA” hat-wearing Covington Catholic High School teens last month (for which they paid in trust, and may soon have to soon answer in court, too).

The Law & Crime blog could help but start speculating: If it’s true that Smollett lied to police about the Jan. 29 attack which he has said was perpetrated by racist and homophobic “MAGA” thugs, he could face legal consequences.

Someone claimed to have finally uncovered the long-sought footage of the attack.

Jussie Smollett attack video released.

Comedian Terrence K. Williams invited his followers to share his joy.

As a reminder, Smollett appeared Thursday morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” In an emotional interview, he said he was “pissed off” at those who have questioned his account of the Jan. 29 incident outside his Chicago apartment. A gay black man, he recounted in detail how two men jumped him as they shouted, “This is ‘MAGA’ country,” and called him racial and homophobic slurs.

Although President Donald Trump had quickly condemned the attack, Smollett blamed him and his administration for it happening as well as for the skepticism he has faced since.

“I come really really hard against 45. I come really really hard against his administration. I don’t hold my tongue. I can only go off of their words,” he said.

When host Robin Roberts asked Smollett what he would do if his attackers were never found, he began to weep.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Let’s just hope that they are. Let’s not go there yet.”

He added: “I still want to believe with everything that’s happened that there’s something called justice.”

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