Trump Declares National Emergency at Border and the Left Is Freaking Out

“Kill kill kill.”

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Friday to circumvent Congressional opposition and gain $8 billion to begin his long-promised southern border wall.

The White House is bracing for legal challenges, as opponents are bound to dispute the constitutionality of the move.

“I am going to be signing a national emergency,” Trump declared at an improvised Rose Garden address, citing the “invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people” as the catalyst for his announcement.

Moments before the announcement, Trump signed into law a border deal struck by Congress, which did not include funding for a physical barrier.


Afflicted with incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome, many on the left couldn’t help but see Trump’s announcement as, yet again, the beginning of tyranny.

Or at least the end of democracy.

Others just wanted to get the president’s voice out of their head.

“Kill kill kill,” suggested one Twitter user as perhaps a possible solution.

Another trend among the panicked seemed to be an attempt to locate the real “national emergency.” Guns, said Rep. Lucy McBath, a Georgia Democrat.

Climate change and healthcare, said Alyssa Milano.

Comedian Ben Gleib found the emergency, where else, at Trump’s inauguration.

And he was not alone.

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