Video Exposes the ‘Harsh Reality’ of Life Under Socialism That Cuba Doesn’t Want You to See

Four members of the conservative activist organization Turning Point USA documented the “harsh reality” of life in Cuba in a recently released video.

“This is what it’s like to live without a U.S. Constitution,” Turning Point USA creative director Benny Johnson said in footage published on Monday.

“My takeaway is I have never been happier to be an American. Everything that you have seen about Cuba is a lie.”

Johnson joined three other Turning Point USA staffers on a visit to the communist nation.

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According to Johnson, idyllic media portrayals of Cuba as a “gorgeous Caribbean wonderland” fail to capture the suffering socialism has wreaked on the country’s citizens.

The four Turning Point USA activists witnessed a startling lack of basic infrastructure and spoke with distressed Cubans who criticized the economic state of the nation.

Footage taken by Turning Point USA showed hours-long waits for gas, garbage strewn across city streets, a dismaying lack of food options in markets and no fresh food products.

“Look around you. The effects of socialism are everywhere — crumbling infrastructure and disgusting living conditions,” Johnson said in the video.

“That is what socialism has brought to Cuba. Maybe the socialists in America should take a short trip, a short 90 mile trip, and come here and say they want this in America.”

At one point in the video, Johnson asked a Cuban man for his opinion on socialism.

“Now, for us, it’s not good,” the man said.

Another Cuban man said his country was “very sh*t.”

“Don’t have petroleum for bus in Cuba, for cars, for driving, for nothing,” he said.

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According to Turning Point USA, the four team members were eventually asked to leave the country by Cuban officials.

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