Tulsi Gabbard: Men in Women’s Sports Is ‘Harassment’ For Real Women

Tulsi Gabbard pulled no punches on what she thinks about biological men who use the trans craze to dominate women’s sports.

The former U.S. Representative tweeted out on Sunday she believes that the growing prevalence of transgendered females in athletics is toxic on all levels, and used a clip of an interview with Newsmax’s Greta Van Susteren to extrapolate on her beliefs.

Gabbard attended the “Our Bodies, Our Sports” rally on June 23rd outside of the White House. The rally coincided with the 50th anniversary of Title IX and was a gathering of several independent organizations, current and former athletes and coaches, and lawmakers who oppose men competing in women’s sports. 

She discussed with Van Susteren how several female swimmers who unfortunately had to  swim with Lia Thomas were subjugated to competing against or with a man who arrogantly knows he’s a man and brazenly bragged about it in front of real women.

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“In the in the women’s locker room Lia Thomas was exposing male genitalia and boasting about how [he is] still dating women and going out with women and these girls felt sexually harassed and threatened, and went and reported to their administrators and were told to be silent,” Gabbard said on the newscast.

She also criticized the poor leadership of the Biden administration, which has been a big proponent of blurring the lines between the genders and allowing men like Thomas to infiltrate women’s sports.

“You see the Biden administration really rejecting the objective reality that there are biological differences between a man and a woman of male and a female,” Gabbard said, adding that she wants to stand with female “brave athletes” and speak out against the Biden Administration and others who are “hurting girls and women.”

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