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On Thursday, Senator Rand Paul had blocked the passage of a $40 Billion bill that was supposedly meant to aid Ukraine in defeating Russia. That followed on the heels of Rep. Chip Roy absolutely lambasting the spending package, noting that he and his colleagues didn’t even get a chance to read it.

According to my earlier write-up, the anger expressed is justifiable and justified. This bill is chock-full of nonrelated expenses and does not provide any accountability for money going to Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson delivered his most memorable monologue this year on Wednesday night with that support. The Fox News host took down the bill and also attacked Republicans for pushing for it in a takedown that was truly remarkable.

I don’t often watch cable news, but when I saw this clip pop up on YouTube, I watched all 20 minutes of it. It’s that good.

I won’t recap everything Carlson says because again, it’s much more satisfying to actually watch the video. He begins his overview by criticizing the urgency Congress has in sending billions to Ukraine. This is despite not having any real oversight. On the domestic front, Americans are told we can’t afford to secure the border or solve the overdose crisis, both things Carlson mentions, but the moment Ukraine needs more money than we spent in Afghanistan over the course of the last year we were there, suddenly, we’ve got it.

This is a fact that some people find offensive. That’s not because supporting Ukraine isn’t a worthy cause, but because the way Congress is going about it is unsustainable and irresponsible. Carlson points out that Russia’s entire military expenditures in one year is $40 billion. It’s $7 billion MoreJoe Biden never asked for. And a lot of that money isn’t even going to Ukraine.

But after mocking Pelosi’s citing of the Bible to justify sending more missiles to Ukraine (the Bible need not apply in regards to abortion, of course), Carlson then turned his sights on congressional Republicans. Why? Why?

Carlson lit into Sen. Mitch McConnell, who earlier in the week called Ukraine the world’s “top priority.” A border wall, though? McConnell couldn’t be bothered to use reconciliation to get that done when he had the chance. Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham is proclaiming “there is no off-ramp” for Russia, a ridiculous notion given the alternative could be a prolonged, deadly war. Graham has never been bothered by this.

Carlson hit Dan Crenshaw from there. He had just recently stated that the Ukraine bill was essential to defeat a proxy conflict against Russia. What was the date we declared war against Russia?

I’ll stop there so as to not spoil the entire thing, but needless to say, Carlson was at his peak in this monologue. And while I’m openly supportive of Ukraine against Putin’s invasion, there are smarter ways to go about it than this. Unfortunately, Washington is not full of the nation’s best and brightest.

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