Tucker Carlson Takes on ‘Decolonizing Fitness’ in Hilarious Fashion – Opinion

It’s getting hard to keep track of everything that the left says has a basis in the supposed racist undergirding of Western culture, but get ready to add another one to the list. White supremacy is rooted in racism, misogyny and healthy eating habits.

That’s the story, at least according to NPR, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson picked up on it last night. In doing so, he did the dirty work so you don’t have to, isolating the most absurd contentions for us to observe.

The first example shared by Carlson is from a woman named Christy Harrison who calls herself an “anti-diet registered dietitian with a masters in public health.” How does that make any sense? Who the heck knows, but she asserts that “diet culture” (i.e. eating well, in this case) is an overarching system of beliefs and values that are “endemic” to Western culture, and things only get dumber from there.

NPR then talked to a man named Ilya Parker who claims to be “triggered” by the word “fitness” because fitness culture leads to diet culture, which is really bad or something. And remember, all this comes back to white supremacy, thus the need to “decolonize” what the rest of us just call healthy living.

NPR finally brought in an expert to encourage people to refuse to let doctors weigh them, and reject all health advice about weight or physical fitness. Is that safe and sound? Does it sound like telling an addict addicted to coke to just keep snorting more?

This discussion will be contextualized by me noting that some people have legitimate problems losing weight. Some people are more likely to store fat than others. Others may be predisposed or have other health issues that can make it difficult to lose weight. Different kinds of medication that may be necessary for other reasons can wreak havoc with someone’s metabolism.

But that’s not what we are talking about here, when the left pushes the idea of “decolonizing fitness.” Rather, what they are doing is encouraging people to ignore serious health risks as part of another racial grift. “Social justice” activists can make a lot of money in today’s society, after all.

Still, this isn’t a victimless scam. It’s asinine and dangerous to suggest to people that being obese is something to embrace, instead of something to combat. No matter how successful they are, everyone should strive to be in good shape. Every little bit counts. But when leftwing hucksters start expressing “anti-diet” ideas while claiming it’s racist and “fat-phobic” to point people toward healthier living, they are now going down a path that will directly harm people.

The irony in that can’t be understated. The same outlets and political wings that want to forcibly jab you four times with COVID-19 vaccines and mandate you wear an N95 everywhere for “your health,” are suddenly really unconcerned about the very real dangers of obesity when it doesn’t fit their narrative. Every year, a large number of people are killed by obesity. Do the Left really care about saving people’s lives? Do they care only if they can get more power from it? We know the right answer.

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