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Trump Skewers Hillary in Unfiltered Fox News Interview: ‘Nobody Likes HER’

President Donald Trump roasted Hillary Clinton Wednesday during an interview on Fox Business, saying her personality cost her the presidency.

Host Maria Bartiromo read Trump Clinton’s comments about Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent, from a new documentary. In the Hulu movie, Clinton says Sanders got nothing done in Congress, and “Nobody likes him.”

“Are they colluding against Bernie again?” Bartiromo asked Trump, apparently suggesting Democratic officials are trying to block him from becoming their party’s presidential nominee in 2020 as some did in 2016.

“Well, they are. They’re really trying to take it away from him again,” Trump responded before turning his fire against Clinton.

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“I mean when Hillary says nobody likes him — nobody likes her! That’s why she lost. I mean nobody liked her,” he said. “She had every advantage. She had this big machine behind her. She had Obama. She had everybody behind, and it wasn’t even close.”

“You look at 306 to 223,” Trump added, referring to the margin by which he defeated the former of secretary state in the Electoral College to win the presidency in 2016.

The president continued: “She’s the one that people don’t like. I think if I had my choice in terms of personality. But I probably would take neither.”

Turning to the 2020 election, Trump directed some heat at Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

“And Biden’s gonna be interesting because he can’t string together a sentence,” he said of the former vice president, who has been widely seen to have lost a step. “You know, he seems to have a little bit of an edge right now but it’s rapidly disappearing, there’s no question about it. Bernie is surging, and Bernies seems to be the one the party wants. But my attitude is whoever it is, it is.”

The interview took place at the World Economic Forum in Davis, Switzerland, where Trump met with business and government leaders from around the world and touted the strong U.S. economy.

Trump boasted to Bartiromo about cutting taxes and regulations in his first term and increasing military funding. In a second term, he promised a “very big” middle class tax cut and to introduce a “fantastic” new healthcare plan. He also anticipated inking new trade deals.

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Trump flew home Wednesday after holding a last-minute press conference to bash Democrats and the news media over his ongoing impeachment trial.

For her part, Clinton responded to widespread backlash against her criticism of Sanders by promising to support whomever is the Democratic nominee.

Her documentary is scheduled to be screened Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival.

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