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Cruz Has ‘Epic’ Texas Response to CNN Analyst Who Tried to Get Twitter to Investigate Him

Sen. Ted Cruz used an iconic slogan to ridicule a CNN political analyst who suggested the Texas Republican should be investigated for allegedly having his phone on the Senate floor.

Joe Lockhart, host of the Words Matter podcast and a frequent guest on CNN, responded Tuesday to a tweet sent from Cruz’s Twitter account while the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump was taking place in the Senate.

“Senators on the floor are sworn to silence and have no electronic devices. So how is this Senator tweeting? Did he sneak a phone in. Is he willing to go to prison? Or is the tweet from someone other than Cruz,” Lockhart said in tweet of his own.

Lockhart also called on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to “investigate” the matter.

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Social media users roundly mocked Lockhart, with several suggesting that the tweet from Cruz’s account likely came from a staffer.

“You were the student school hall monitor, weren’t you?” tweeted one commenter, whose scoffing tone captured the general tenor of most of the replies to Lockhart.

Less than 30 minutes after Lockhart attempted to sic Twitter authorities on Cruz, another tweet emerged. And this time it was a message for Lockhart.

Cruz’s account tweeted out a reply with an image containing the words “Come and take it” set under a smartphone.


The image referenced a famous flag flown by Texans before the Battle of Gonzalez in 1835.

The phrase “Come and take it” is a historic slogan first used in the Battle of Thermopylae.

Since then, “Come and take it” has come to symbolize defiance and valor.

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Users on Reddit characterized Cruz’s response as “epic.”

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