Trump Has the Perfect Response to Biden’s New Nickname for Him – Opinion

Joe Biden looked like a complete mess when he spoke in Illinois on Wednesday. While trying to shift blame from himself, Biden was constantly confused and lost in thought. He didn’t even seem to understand the contours of New Jersey despite being born in the adjoining state of Pennsylvania and being the senator from the nearby state of Delaware for 36 years.

The Democrats are in serious trouble. Biden is unpopular and terrible. They are set to be outvoted in the November midterms. What options do they have, besides screaming about abortion, which isn’t what’s affecting most people’s pocketbooks? What they’ve settled on is trying to demonize the “MAGA people” and President Donald Trump, coming up with terms like “Ultra MAGA,” and calling them extreme every 15 minutes. They’re concentrating on that, not dealing with inflation or doing their jobs. Their record is not solid, so they do what they can.

But Trump isn’t the reason the people are suffering. People are reminded of the better times under Trump’s presidency every time they hear of him. Plus, if Democrats are trying to paint someone as “extreme,” it doesn’t go over well when they are the ones doing extreme things, like encouraging protests against Supreme Court Justices in their homes. Americans have shown they don’t like that at all.

But whatever brain trust was behind this “MAGA strategy” came up with a hilarious one, with Biden being instructed to call Trump, “The Great MAGA King” which he said during the remarks he gave to the IBEW in Chicago.

Trump couldn’t have written that better to show how desperate they are and fearful of him. But it wasn’t Trump siccing the FBI on parents or setting up disinformation truth boards. Pro-tip, Biden folks? Trump sounds better, and the Biden people sound insanely obsessed. It’s also reminiscent of Hillary’s “deplorable” moment as Biden doesn’t seem to understand demonizing millions of Trump supporters as “extremists” probably isn’t a good idea to get people to vote for his side.

Trump responded well to Truth Social by mocking the Democrats and having a lot of fun while mocking them.

But notice there’s something else in there that’s going to set the left off if they pick up on it. The hint that he’s running again with “The Return.” Funny that the top of the sword looks sort of like a Tesla logo as well. He will run again and they’ll be totally confused.

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