Trump Delivers Priceless Response to Latest Media ‘Gotcha’ Involving Mark Esper – Opinion

Did you know? A new book by Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense, is out. The focus this time around is on the evil orange man.

Alright, you probably haven’t heard because who cares, right? These books are all a dime a dozen, they all say the same stuff, and most of the big “scandals” they “reveal” turn out to be nothing. That looks to be the case again with Esper’s tell-all offering, which is being heavily promoted by the media.

One of the major “gotchas” the press is running with is a claim by Esper that Trump once asked about bombing the drug cartels.

Do I really have to be so upset by the notion of bombing the drug cartels, Esper and his media friends seem to think so. Esper and his media friends apparently think so, but I’m going to suggest that normal people might not scoff quite as hard.

Remember, these are the same foreign policy hacks who spent 20 years bombing women and children in the Middle East, but Trump is crazy for suggesting we bomb organizations that have killed hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of Americans and continue to enable the deadly border crisis? You can forget the giddy-talk. If there was ever a justification for military force, it would be taking on the drug cartels that have caused untold damage to our nation while operating out of a country that sits on our border  Certainly, that’s a more worthy cause for military action than propagating a civil war in Syria or bombing Libya.

But the press and foreign policy establishment are nothing if they aren’t complete, ineffective idiots. Thus, it’s no surprise they’d act gobsmacked at the suggestion of taking on the drug cartels with a quarter of the vigor with which we blew up kids in cars in Afghanistan.

In response to Esper’s various claims, Trump put out this priceless statement.

Trump-esque. Which is more true or false? It is hard to say. The former president’s go-to is to deny pretty much anything and everything. But what if Trump really wanted 10,000 troops in DC for the BLM Riots? After a few hundred protestors walked through the Capitol, they were met with police and the establishment supported sending thousands of troops. The BLM riots in the nation’s capital were not peaceful in the least.

All the rest of this is fluff. Trump fired Esper by Mark Meadows. Why should anyone care? Honestly, I actually think the former president should have owned the drug cartel thing instead of putting “no comment,” but the rest is hilarious enough. I will say that Trump complaining about Esper when he had a chance to fire him far sooner than he did is a negative trend on the former president’s part. Did he learn that lesson?

Regardless, I’ll end by noting just how irrelevant all this is. No one will change their November vote over Trump claims by Esper, or any other person. They are obsessed with him, while normal people worry about the things that really affect them. These include high inflation, rising gas prices, the stock markets crash and the border crisis.

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