Trucker Convoy GoFundMe Page Tops $10,000,000, Is Halted by GoFundMe – Opinion

Canadian Truckers were assembling in Ottawa. Some took the time to feed the homeless. Justin Trudeau was seen sneaking out to another location as though he was fleeing from Mongol Mongols. There are no credible reports of him disguised in blackface although it’s one alter ego he’s known to employ.  Perhaps he was wearing an Indian headdress. Perhaps we won’t ever know. We may never know.

Trudeau began by describing truckers in secret as an isolated group causing chaos and property damage. Based on one man, Trudeau then labelled the entire ensemble racist and dangerous. He had his face covered with a Confederate flag and carried it (which almost certainly was a plant).

However, their support continues to pour in and grows. The GoFundMe page called “Freedom Convoy 2022” raised in excess of $10,000,000 in two weeks before the GoFundMe authoritarians pulled up their jackboots and shut the site down. As of February 3, 2022, Freedom Convoy is “under review.” No one can donate to it.

That hasn’t stopped others from aiding those interested in freedom.

Jack Posobiec, a former Navy Intel officer and now a children’s book author and Twitter heavy hitter with over 1.6 million followers, has thrown his support toward the convoy truckers. He’s labeled himself the “Ambassador of Truckistan.” Posobiec told Fox News:

“These truckers know what they are fighting for – freedom.” 

Posobiec has been tweeting a lot on the subject and there is little doubt that he’s responsible for trucker Gofundme donations skyrocketing. He’s tweeted about the grassroots support as well:


Trent Talbot is also a children’s book author and the CEO of Brave Books — he has pledged his support. On Wednesday, I was informed by a press release that Talbot plans to donate 20% from the profits of his latest book to Freedom Convey truckers through the Gofundme page. However, Gofundme has closed the donation option so that this might have to be put on hold. BraveBooks has more information for anyone interested.

Trudeau plans to crush truckers. Trudeau was back at it Tuesday as he ramped up his garbage rhetoric.

Australia and New Zealand put themselves in lockdown. Now we know that this was not a benefit, and could be a net disadvantage. The same holds true with mandating that truckers — men and women who drive alone on the open highways are not vectors for transmitting COVID vaccinated or not. Common sense is hard to find up north. Canadian truckers need our support, through Posobiec, Talbot and other advocates for freedom.

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