Trio Of Female Athletes Makes Crass Jokes On NCAA Title Game Cast

Megan Rapinoe (female athletic star) and Sue Bird (female activist of choice) joined in an ESPN2 Manningcast-style commentary on the NCAA women’s basketball championship. 

The commentary was meant to focus on the game but the conversation between the women became raunchy mid-stream. 

Taurasi attempted to explain the finer points of a game, which can go a long distance in determining its outcome. Her choice of words however was poor.

Taurasi stated, “It is a game that involves inches. Ask the cocks.”

Bird and Rapinoe noticed the sexual inuendo, and they tried to keep from laughing.

Taurasi said, “And then they’re taking that inch.”

Bird asked: “Does that inch count?”

Taurasi said, “Absolutely,” not even trying anymore to suppress her need to laugh.

Mediatie hailed Taurasi’s first line as the “quote of the broadcast,” and applauded the whole interaction as quality entertainment.

We are applauding their witty jokes about the genitalia of men.

ESPN, get on it. Although we expect you will do this, the sports fandom would rather you not.

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