Trans ‘Woman’ Dominates Irish Women’s Rugby; Twitter Cancels Opponents

A transgender man who helped an Irish women’s rugby club win a championship by an embarrassing margin says he did it for the sisterhood. With the male Giulia Valentino upsetting the competitive balance of the sport, the LGBT Gaelic football team Na Gaeil Aeracha destroyed the competition in the recent Dublin Junior J Shield football final. 

And get this: Twitter suspended a number of women’s rights accounts that posted Valentino’s picture to point out the unfairness! 

Breitbart reported that “Outrage has hit the Irish sporting world after a women’s ‘LGBT’ football team with a trans player beat their finals opponent by eight goals.” That’s a devastating victory margin in this sport. 

Na Gaeil Aeracha switched to private the settings for its social media accounts after the team beat it in the finals. It then decided not to deal with the subsequent controversy. The team is open to anyone, regardless of gender identity. It does not require any medical transition. The only requirement is that the guys are not psychologically confused as to their gender. 

Valentino is an Italian who moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2019 for the opportunity to capitalize on Na Gaeil Aeracha’s exploitation of gender identity. He says he joined the Irish LGBT team “because of sisterhood, validation and political visibility; as a trans woman those things are very important to me.”  

Valentino, like LeBron James is much more than an athlete. He’s also a fetish club performer entertaining folks as the “trans dyke” DJ Mav. 

Also, Valentino was annoyed while playing for another team that told him to use a separate locker room, which he labeled as a “harsh approach.” Yeah, biology and male chromosomes are harsh and inconvenient facts. 

Prior to the final game, Na Fianna’s manager met with the referee to challenge Valentino’s eligibility to play in the women’s game. The referee would eventually halt play to tell his team there was “a problem with your number 21” because he’s a man and “this is the Ladies’ Gaelic football association.” Na Fianna would also have a chance to appeal the results of the game because of the trans player controversy. 

The sport itself isn’t a virtue-signing game like the Irish league. World Rugby does not allow trans men to play on elite women’s rugby teams, and its website states: 

“Transgender women may not currently play women’s rugby. Why? Because of the size, force- and power-producing advantages conferred by testosterone during puberty and adolescence, and the resultant player welfare risks this creates.”  

World Rugby also rejects LGBT attempts to say that testosterone suppression makes it completely fair for men to compete in women’s sports.: 

“Research contradicts this, consistently showing that total mass, muscle mass and/or strength are reduced by at most 5 per cent to 10 per cent when testosterone is suppressed to levels in the female range, for a period of 12 months. 

“The consequence is that given the size of the biological differences prior to testosterone suppression, this comparatively small effect of testosterone reduction allows substantial and meaningful differences to remain.” 

Named sportswriter Ewan MacKenna wrote that it was “absurd and actually dangerous” for a biological male adult to be playing rugby against teenage girls. Valentino has stated he’s been an athlete for more than 30 years, and he quit men’s sports because he was “uncomfortable with the male environment.” 

The teeny-bopper girls that he beat in the championship match can now admit to feeling uncomfortable about the new male sports climate. 

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