Top Democrat Leader Declares ‘We’re at War,’ Asserts Joe Biden off Limits for Criticism – Opinion

In one of the most “wait, what?” moments of 2022, a top Democrat leader in the House has declared that the United States is currently at war. That’s not an exaggeration nor an uncharitable reading of the situation. The White House and Congress have apparently managed, without the consent of the American people, to declare war on Russia.

I am not surprised anymore.

Perhaps having an 82-year-old as the House Majority Leader isn’t that good of an idea? I’d like to think that someone with more cognitive capacity would at least couch their words instead of just blurting out that the country is at war, when it’s most certainly not at war. I’m probably being too kind to the rest of the Washington apparatchiks, though, by suspecting mental decline is at play here. After all, we’ve had multiple Republicans assert we are in a proxy war over the last few days.

We all seem to know exactly what it is about. Joe Biden’s presidency is a disaster. Inflation is through the roof, the border is a crisis zone, and the sanctions that were put on Russia for invading Ukraine aren’t having their desired effect. These facts have led to the Democrat Party heading towards an electoral cliff for November. How can you try to reverse the trend than falsely claiming that Biden was a war-time President?

Hoyer goes so far as to suggest that Biden shouldn’t be criticized during these supposedly trying times. It’s a strategy so overt and stupid that you almost have to respect the fact that Democrats are willing to try it. It doesn’t make a president war-time by imposing economic sanctions on another nation. It is the same for handing out lethal weapons while a nation does all of the fighting. These are the criteria that would make it clear that every president since at least the beginning of the 20th Century has been a wartime president.

This is absurd. I know pretending Biden is something he’s not is kind of a trend on the left, but there’s just no chance this attempt to make him into a war-time president works. It also risks backlash from war-weary Americans, who might not be too happy to see the US sending billions of dollars unchecked overseas.

Republicans, unfortunately, are tapping into the Democrat ploy and supporting the $40 billion slush funds bill. It is currently being held in the Senate. Sen. Rand Paul has stood alone trying to put boundaries on the spending package (he wants an amendment that will make the money accountable to the inspector general), and GOP leaders have lambasted those who’ve expressed skepticism. The uni-party is back, and it’s the same as the old uni-party.

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