Top 5 Infographic Design Mistakes for Businesses and How to Avoid Them

Visual content has soared at an accelerated rate over the past few years. But what types and styles of visual content work when trying to engage an audience?

An infographic is a great way to get your business name and brand out there in the online world. Many people use infographics for education. They show information in an easy-to-understand environment.

Using an infographic for your business can be a great idea for you! If you’re interested but don’t know how to make an infographic, keep reading. Here are five infographic design mistakes for businesses to avoid when creating an infographic.

1. Not Understanding Your Audience

Not understanding your audience can be one of the worst mistakes when creating an effective infographic. As a business, you must understand what the viewer wants to see and the language used and have an in-depth knowledge of your product or service.

If your audience doesn’t understand your message, the infographic won’t be successful. Your infographic should be customized to the needs of your target audience and should also be visually appealing and easy to comprehend.

2. Ignoring Mobile Browsers

Ignoring mobile browsers is a common mistake in infographic design, as over half of internet users access the web through their phones or tablets. If businesses aren’t mindful of how their infographics look on mobile, readers won’t even have the chance to appreciate them.

To avoid this mistake, businesses should use responsive design so their infographics automatically adjust to different screen sizes. Keep font size large enough for easy reading. Compress large images to reduce loading times and limit videos and animations if possible.

3. Unclear Messaging

Businesses should avoid unclear messaging when creating stunning infographics. This can be achieved by starting with a clear and concise headline that summarizes the main point of the infographic. Write copy using simple language that can be easily understood by the target audience.

Avoid jargon and break up text with visual elements like charts, graphs, and images. Provide a simple, actionable call to action that allows the reader to take action and gain value from the infographic. 

4. Focusing Too Much On Text

Focusing too much on text is one of the top five infographic design mistakes for businesses. Infographics are designed to be visual. Too much text on infographics is overwhelming, hard to read, and defeats the purpose of engaging the reader.

To avoid this, businesses should use headlines and summaries of information, and focus on presenting key information. Businesses should ensure the fonts for infographics used are consistent and of a comfortable size to read.

5. Lack of Contrast in Colors

Lack of contrast in colors is another infographic design mistake for businesses, and it can make the design look flat. This means that viewers won’t be immediately drawn to the graphic when looking at it.

To avoid this mistake, try to choose two or more infographic color options that have a high contrast ratio. For example, if you’re using yellow and green, go for a brighter yellow and a darker green.

Learn How to Avoid Infographic Design Mistakes for Businesses

Businesses should put thought and research into the design of their infographics to deliver a successful and compelling visual representation. Avoiding the top five infographic design mistakes for businesses discussed in this article will have a better chance of keeping the viewers’ attention and effectively conveying their message. For more information on how to create the best infographics, reach out to experienced designers today.

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