Tom Brady Signs Massive Deal with Fox, Making Him the Highest-Paid Announcer in All of Sports – Opinion

Tom Brady hasn’t even started his comeback, but he’s already decided what he’s going to do with his time when (and if) he ever retires from his football career. Fox Sports has reportedly signed the deal for Tom Brady, the 7-time Super Bowl Champ. It is worth $375 Million over 10 Years. Yes, that’s $375,000,000—for talking. Wish they’d pay my wife for that, we’d be loaded.

He will be the lowest-paid sports announcer and make Patriots, Jets, and Patriots fans very unhappy. The deal is almost worth as much as what he earned in football ($500 million). At this rate, he’ll soon join NBA legend Michael Jordan in the Billionaires’ Club.

He will, not surprisingly, serve as Fox’s lead football analyst. Twitter of course was afire, with Brady’s good friend and former teammate Julian Edelman quick to tease his buddy:

It is a pity for all the Brady-hating fans that have sat on their team over the past 20 years.

To recap Brady’s busy off-season: The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) officially retired on February 1, only to “un-retire” slightly more than a month later, tweeting, “Unfinished business LFG.” (Look up LFG if you need to; I can’t print it here.)

Brady was picked at 199th place in the 2000 draft. This upset and encouraged him all through his career. He amassed incredible stats on the way to seven Super Bowl victories.

Brady has retired with the following records: passing yards (96.969), passing touchdowns (707), winning drives (67), fourth-quarter comebacks (45.1), Super Bowl rings (77) and wins (277). Brady has won three MVP awards and could be named MVP again if voters choose to award him that honor. He has tallied 92 touchdowns over his entire career. His accomplishments include winning the Super Bowl and leading the NFL in passing yards. However, George Blanda, 47, is still the oldest NFL player to pass a touchdown. His age is greater than the 38-year-old Zac Taylor and 36 year old Sean McVay, who are currently the Super Bowl’s coaches. This was done before the SB.

It will be interesting to see if his broadcasting skills are as good. Many fans pointed out that they don’t listen to announcers but rather watch the action.

Personally, I think Brady will be a good announcer; he’s likable and funny and knows the game better than anyone. Will he? $375,000,000 good? That’s a stretch, and Fox Sports is taking a huge gamble on this one.

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