Time Magazine Blasted for Putting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Cover

“I just threw up in my mouth.”

Time Magazine announced Thursday morning that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will appear on the cover of its latest edition, and reactions have been … mixed.

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“TIME’s new cover: ‘Change is closer than we think.’ Inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s unlikely rise,” reads a caption accompanying a tweet from the magazine’s Twitter account, which features a short video clip of the freshman congresswoman’s face appearing on the cover alongside the words, “The Phenom: How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became America’s lightning rod.”

And while some commenters were apparently thrilled to see Ocasio-Cortez gracing the cover, not everyone was similarly enamored.

As of publication of this article, the first reply to Time’s tweet features a GIF of a child vomiting.

Other replies were similarly critical. “Well… Time has gone to hell, farewell and good riddance,” wrote one Twitter user.


“No thanks,” wrote another. “I just threw up in my mouth,” wrote still another.

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And even supporters of the Bronx-born congresswoman were triggered by Time’s cover, quibbling with the magazine’s description of Ocasio-Cortez’s rise as “unlikely.”

“Funny how smart women are lightning-rods and that AOC’s rise is ‘unlikely.’ People voted for a person to represent them and that’s what they got.” wrote one commenter.
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Many liberals and Ocasio-Cortez supporters have accused the right of being “obsessed” with the congresswoman. Meanwhile, conservatives have countered by saying that it’s mainstream media outlets that are obsessed with the rising political star, and their commentary is simply a reaction to that phenomenon.



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