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Vladimir Putin could have imagined that he would quickly grab all of Ukraine.

While there’s no doubt that he has the benefit of military superiority in weapons and numbers, the Ukrainians are not only tough fighters, they are fighting for their nation and they are showing a lot of raw courage in response to the Russian attack.

We reported on Thursday how 13 border guards told Russia they weren’t giving up and literally to “go f**k yourself” before Russia bombed the island; it is believed took them out.

Volodymyr Zelesky, President of Ukraine, called them heroes.

Zelensky is a brave leader and is acting as such. He had the opportunity to leave, knowing he was in his words, “target number one” on the Russian hit list. But the comedian and television star — the guy some thought was the joke candidate, the outsider who like President Donald Trump surprisingly won the seat — is staying to do what he can to give strength and support his nation. Just a few moments before, he stood here telling his followers: We, the leaders are here, and we will not leave.

You don’t need the full translation to see the courage. It’s here.

“Good evening to you all. “Good evening to you all. The Head of the ruling Party is present, and the Chief of Office of the President, is also here. All of us are here. We fight for independence and the country we love. Glory to Ukraine.”

Here’s former president Petro Poroshenko saying he’s with a citizen brigade in the street with a Kalashnikov, and they will hold out (fight) Putin, “forever.”

Famous Hall of Fame boxers – the Klitschko brothers – were also vowing to fight. Vitaly is Kyiv’s mayor. Wladimir joined the reserves in February.

Vitaly Skakun is a Marine Engineer reportedly stayed behindTo make certain a bridge was torched to slow down the Russian advance. He knew this would endanger his life.

They are also showing their courage. To allow citizens to fight the Russians themselves, the government distributed arms to all who were able. They are also encouraging them to throw Molotov cocktails at the “occupiers.”

A Russian occupier was given sunflower seeds by this woman. Why? He curses and she says that if he dies in her country and is thrown to the ground the seeds will sprout. Then at least they will be happy. This woman must have some nerve.

Because of Russian bombings, many people in Kyiv use the subway as an escape route.

They promised to fight.

They took time to pray.

They promised to fight until the very end.

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