This Is ‘Child Abuse’! Hayes Freaks Over Texas ‘Anti-Trans’ Order

On Monday night’s episode of MSNBC’s All in, host Chris Hayes freaked out over Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordering the state’s child protective services to investigate reported instances of children receiving transgender surgeries, ironically accusing Abbott of being the real child abuser.

Abbott was attacked viciously by his host. He claimed that he had become insane. “found it helps him politically to be cruel to transgender children.” He then claimed Abbott denies the “very existence” of transgender children, despite the fact that there’s no such thing as a transgender child, the transgender ideology needs to be instilled in children by their parents or other adults.

Here’s the cause for Hayes’s meltdown. Hayes cried over the order and claimed that it “takes what used to be normal care for trans kids and classifies that care as child abuse in the eyes of the state.” As if chemically castrating children is “normal care.” 

Hayes kept going on with his deranged rant. 

Abbott directed licensed professionals such as teachers and doctors, to report trans children who are being provided transition care. Another example is a parent making a decision about their child’s health, with the state then reporting and ratifying it. You can also be punished for violating existing laws. This is causing state workers in family protection services to be forced to look into these cases. They’re again acting as agents for the state, under the Republican Governor.

Hayes refers to a NBC News Report later in the segment that stated: “families of trans children are now fleeing the state so their kids continue to receive treatment.” “And it’s not just families who are fleeing either” Hayes fretted. “child protective services workers in Texas are quitting en mass to avoid complying with the order.” 



He attempted to turn the tables on Governor Abbott, Texas Republicans, by saying they were the child abusers. The order that protects children from hormone injections forces child protective service workers to quit. 

Republicans use child abusers to paint their political enemies and accuse transsexuals of trying to educate or groom children. They chase out those whose real job is to protect children and to investigate abusers every single day. Greg Abbott’s order addresses child abuse. 

This order is actually a way to get rid of people who aren’t qualified for work in child protection services. If someone finds preventing children from being mutilated so offensive, then they shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near children. 

It was possible because of the vile Chris Hayes segment that melted down in Texas to protect kids from abuse. Volvo Ancestry. They are linked.  

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MSNBC’s All In
Eastern at 8:42:44 

CHRIS HAYES: On the show, we’ve talked a lot about the insidious and toxic nature of the recent right-wing rhetoric that paints Democrats as sympathetic to child abusers. Even child abusers, without evidence. This is not just degrading for the political discourse. It’s also dangerous to children who have been victims of abuse. This is the latest case study to show what the situation looks like. Texas Governor Greg Abbott believes it is politically beneficial to offend transgender children. It is to deny the existence of transgender children. So the state officials he just sent are already hurting these kids, their families and caregivers. 

The state now considers what was once normal child care to trans children as child abuse. Abbott instructed doctors, teachers, and other licensed professionals to report allegations of children in transition. The state reporting the decision and having it ratified by them. You can also be punished for violating existing laws. This is causing state workers in family protection services to be forced to look into these cases. They’re again acting as agents for the state, this time under the Republican Governor. While this cruel order is only a few months old and Governor Abbott has tried to push for it for almost one year. But by his own admission, he needed to develop a workaround, because his plan was too extreme to pass the Republican-controlled Texas House. 

[cuts to audio]

MARK DAVIS – Curiously, the idea of a law making it illegal for us to cut up our children or inject them with hormones to alter their sex while they were still minors was absent. Why was that not in the call?

GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT: Because we have another solution that will address that problem that will be announced shortly, so, I know you would like me to announce that on your show –

DAVIS – I would. 

ABBOTT: Maybe, but it’s not right now. The solution must be revealed within the week. Let me be honest with you. I will tell you the truth. The chances of it passing in session at the House of Representatives were slim. 

[cuts back to live] 

HAYES. Right. The Texas House Republicans weren’t anti-trans enough to allow Abbott and his right-wing buddy on the talk-show, who were not pro-trans, to complain about the state providing care for children by denying them health insurance. Today, NBC News reported that trans parents are leaving the state to ensure their children continue treatment. The Texas Tribune has a shocking new report that outlines how Texas child protective service workers are abandoning their jobs to comply with an order. Morgan Davis, who is transgender, was initially reassured by the sight of a transman leading the investigation. However, after the first visit, he discovered that it was not so. The lawyer for the family didn’t think so. She said, I know your intentions are good, but by walking in that door as a representative of the state, you’re saying in a sense that you condone this, you agree with this, Davis said. He said, “It hit me like thunderbolt. It’s true.” By me being there for even a split second a child could think they’ve done something wrong. 

Morgan Davis left shortly after the encounter. According to Texas Tribune reports, half a dozen other employees have also resigned. An anonymous employee said they felt confused. One hand they couldn’t enforce the immoral rule in good conscience, while on the other hand, an exodus mass of state workers investigating legitimate child abuse only harms the victims. Things are already falling through the cracks. Investigations will close where possible, and Texas children will perish. This is the irony of it all. Republicans are trying to make cheap political points, painting their opponents as child abusers. They also accuse trans people of grooming or indoctrinating children. They want to chase out those whose real job is to protect and investigate child abusers every day. Greg Abbott’s order addresses child abuse. 

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