Things Get More Awkward at Kamala HQ After More Damaging Info on New Comms Director Surfaces – Opinion

We’ve extensively documented the woes at Kamala HQ over the last year or so of her time in office, and things don’t appear to be getting any better for the embattled VP as 2022 gets underway.

As we reported last week, Harris’s office got embarrassed when comments made about both Harris and Joe Biden by incoming comms director Jamal Simmons a couple of years ago found their way back into the spotlight, including criticism that Harris’s failed 2019 presidential campaign was “listless, unfocused” and a pointed observation about Biden being “dazed and confused.”

Simmons also tweeted back in 2010, expressing a more extreme view of illegal immigration than Harris or Biden.

While most conservatives would agree with those assessments, it’s not exactly a good look for the person to who you’ve entrusted the management of your comms staff to be found to have disparaged his bosses and to publicly disagree with them on issues of such national import.

Simmons apologized in a Friday statement, but it will be interesting to see his and the rest of the Harris team’s reaction to more tweets surfacing where Simmons revealed himself to be a 2000 election truther:

Democrats, of course, will attempt to shrug this off as no big deal but it actually is when one considers their newfound “respect” for accepting election results. Although Trump’s supporters raised many questions regarding the 2020 election and Trump believed it was illegal, Democrats tend to be the most vocal opponents of losing elections. This is what we witnessed in 2016 with Trump and 2018, with Abrams, 2000 with Bush and 2016.

Terry McAuliffe (failed Virginia Democratic Governoral Nominee in 2021) fell into this trap too. He falsely painted Glenn Youngkin, then Republican nominee for 2020, and then weeks later, called Stacey Abrams (2018), Georgia’s failed 2018 gubernatorial nominated, to enter the state and speak on the importance to vote. They also discussed how she’d lost her election. McAuliffe shares the same views on the 2000 election between Bush & Gore.

In any event, reporters should press Harris and her comms team to determine whether or not they believe it’s a smart practice to bring on a high-profile senior staffer who believes a prior president stole an election while at the same time the “official” stance of her office is that it’s undemocratic to do so.

We shouldn’t hold our collective breath on any such questions being asked or, if so, answered, because as we already know at this point, it’s always only been okay for Democrats to “stand on principle” in raising objections to election results, not Republicans.

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