There’s Really Something Seriously Wrong with This Guy – Opinion

“What you’ve just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard.” –“Billy Madison” (1995)

I don’t even have to mention his name.

For about five minutes, I was sympathetic towards his neurological condition. Until I realized that he’s playing hardball at destroying America. Or the people who control him and pull his strings.

He swerves about haltingly and is constantly being directed to where to go or where to exit. But he doesn’t seem to be able to remember where he is, or even what year it is. He doesn’t remember many names. His cabinet secretariesIt is. His live stream is regularly having “technical difficulties” and cut off to the rest of the free world. He’s “not allowed to answer press questions.” When this tragic shell of a man rejects the complicit media, and they, being the drooling poltroons that they are, don’t even stand up for themselves or America, we all lose. All of us know his back better than his face.

Ford famously fell down slippery and wet airplane stairs. This was international news that became SNL fodder for several months. The man was falls upSome dry aircraft stairs Repeatedly and it’s quickly shoved into a dark corner never to be heard from again. It’s so common.

And though he’s constantly squinting to read his oversized teleprompter, he can never seem to get anything right or piece together intelligible commentary on the myriad crises he and his diabolical clan of Rhodes Scholar ne’er-do-wells have intentionally created. The butchered, mangled sentences he does manage to complete without breaking down completely in mid-stream, would be hilarious if he wasn’t “running” the country.

When he does his creepy whispering act or sniffs a young girl’s hair ominously or tells stories about his “Grandpop” or recounts his Dad whispering “It’s going to be alright, Honey” or starts yelling at no one in particular, we all get a collective chill up our spines. I know.

What would have made him more alert to his surroundings if he hadn’t had 2 severe aneurysms? We’ll never know.

We do know that he is a crocodile who has been sucking on the taxpayer’s teat for fifty years. Except for the Violence Against Women Act, there are no bills bearing his name. There is also no evidence of him taking principled positions on important issues. He is a snarky, arrogant man who lacks any self-confidence and esteem. Nada, zilch, bupkis.

His family and he have been repeatedly and credibly charged with corruption in independent media over decades. He is an embarrassment to America, and offends liberty-loving citizens around the globe.

It’s terrifying for any American patriot to wonder: This is the brain-damaged person with his trembling hand on the buttons of the nuclear football? Or, is it someone else’s hand?

“At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close … to anything, that could be considered a rational thought.” –“Billy Madison” (1995)

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