Their Desperation to Stop Trump Isn’t Just About Keeping Power, It’s Fear of His Retribution – Opinion

While the raid on Mar-a-Lago tells a lot about our country, it also says much more about how we view ourselves and how we see the Democrats.

As I spent a lot of time explaining during Wednesday’s RedState LIVE!, the Democrats have shown just how desperate they are to stop Trump, so much so that they’ll cook up one of the worst excuses to raid anyone in the history of ever, and a former president no less.

It’s abundantly clear that they fear him running in 2024 and are searching relentlessly for something, anything, that might prohibit him from being a candidate.

But it’s not just a loss of power that they fear. Democrats do value it above all else…well, almost. They place self-preservation as the only thing that is more important than power. They know that if Trump gets into the White House again, his work won’t just be a continuation of his first term.

Trump will have a vendetta, and it’s highly likely that he’ll use his power to enact revenge on members of the Democrat Party. This doesn’t just mean he’s going to fire people. It’s likely that he’s going to launch investigations with the aim of exposing their darkest secrets. These secrets could land them in jail and cost them millions. With the help of a Republican congress and Senate — now more friendly to him than ever — Trump will likely conduct a crusade born by a personal need to punish those who wronged him.

They are desperate to get rid of the justice system, and this is evident in their desperation. You’ve seen a lot of commentary from leftist outlets like CNN that are making it pretty clear the Democrats went too far and likely empowered Trump. Although it seemed like an inexplicable move from the Democrats’ perspective, the raid was actually the right move.

Democrats know they will lose the midterm elections if Republicans do not show up. Because they foolishly elected to make an unqualified man the leader of their party, 2024 could be in serious danger.

The Republican polls are all in favor of Trump becoming the nominee for 2024. Democrats will likely feel their hair starting to grow. They’ve got a lot to hide. Hunter Biden’s laptop, Fauci’s dealings with China and their COVID-19 virus, Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading, and much more are clearly things the Democrats would rather investigators not wonder too much about. They know that if Trump returns, he’ll work to blow the lid off of all of it.

In desperate situations, desperate measures are necessary. They used their DOJ and FBI to their advantage to try to save not just themselves but their power. This doesn’t just include raiding Mar-a-Lago but taking Sen. Scott Perry’s phone with the hope that they’d find something.

They’d better find something and it better be big, because if it’s not, the chances that Trump will return to the presidency are high, and the probability that heads will roll if he does is even higher.

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