The White House Signals the Coming Jobs Report Is Going to Be Apocalyptic – Opinion

How bad will the January 2022 jobs report be next week when it’s released on Friday? The White House may already be previewing their talking points to the press, so we might get some clues.

Jen Psaki felt it necessary to mention the unreleased figures in her daily press briefing after mocking people who are concerned about crime rising. She bizarrely used January’s number of COVID-19-related calls to excuse what was to come.

It is clear that things will get very dire for the Biden administration.

I’m open to being presented with more information, but I’m not sure how people calling out sick plays into the unemployment numbers. It seems absurd that the White House would spin this, considering people who have taken sick leave aren’t included in any job loss numbers. Psaki claims that is why the report will look so bad. Is that possible?

Even if the assertion here is that there were fewer people available to take the actual survey because so many people were indisposed with Omicron (her assertion that 9 million people called out sick appears unsupported, or at best, generalized), that doesn’t make much sense either.

A typical month sees about 60k households being surveyed to complete the employment survey. Although a smaller sampling would be more representative of the population, it is unlikely that they receive each survey back. Further, if someone didn’t fill out the survey because they were sick at home, they would not be counted as a job loss even if they did, in fact, lose their job. Wouldn’t that actually make the jobs report look better than it is?

Again, maybe I’m missing something, but Psaki’s explanation makes no sense whatsoever.

At times, the level of gaslighting coming from this administration can be quite shocking. We are so far past the “how refreshing” proclamations from the press insisting that Psaki would be transparent. This White House is, in my opinion, the most dishonest of modern times. Modern history also includes Clinton’s administration.

So what’s this all portend? I think it’s pretty clear that Psaki knows the coming jobs report is going to be in negative territory. This will come on top of the December report that was flat and missed the mark by more than 50%. In a month when seasonal hiring should have led to a significant increase in employment, this is the second-lowest in the series.

While the economy is booming when it shouldn’t, it continues to fall apart and the White House has no idea what it can do to fix it. Or better yet, they don’t like any of the answers out there because they are so dedicated to keeping the COVID-19 “crisis” going for political gain. It seems that they have severely miscalculated this front.

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