The White House Engages in Some Next Level Coping That Previews a Disastrous State of the Union Address – Opinion

Did you hear? Because of his extraordinary leadership, President Joe Biden brought together the nation around Ukraine.

At least that’s the story coming from the administration’s resident Baghdad Bob, Andrew Bates. Biden’s deputy press secretary took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to engage in some next-level coping, and you’ll quickly see why that’s the case if you keep reading.

Wow, wow, wow! Americans are almost unanimously in favor of doing the same thing Ted Cruz begged Democrats to do more than a month ago. This must be because Biden rallied America behind his competent and gracious abilities as Commander In Chief.

That’s right. This is what it appears like if you just go to the exact next slide CBS News has.

Yes, that’s a 41 percent approval rating for Joe Biden on the issue of Ukraine, and that’s actually one of his better marks. He’s down at 30 percent on inflation, for example. Worse, if you dig even deeper, the president’s approval with Independents regarding Ukraine is only 35 percent. Clearly, the White House’s ridiculous attempt to give Biden credit for “uniting the world” against Russia is not resonating, especially given it is the Ukrainians themselves doing all the work while European nations take the lead on providing sanctions and aid.

This is what it has to do with the State of the Union address Biden will present tonight. I think these numbers show, fairly definitively, that even on an issue as black and white as Russia invading Ukraine, the president doesn’t have the ability to bluster his way past his failures. Biden, while Americans are supportive of Russia sanctions, has been standing in the way for sanctions for many months. Biden is responsible for the approval of the Nordstream 2 pipe. Vladimir Putin is his name. He was the one that stopped domestic oil production and made the United States dependent on it for energy.

Also, Americans can chew gum and walk simultaneously. They can agree that Russia’s actions are bad while still assigning blame to who is responsible for much of their country’s woes. It is obvious that they think Joe Biden is to blame. Despite his terrible decision-making, sanctions agreements have been reached.

When Biden takes the podium for his State of the Union, he’s going to attempt to take credit for a litany of things, with the subsiding of COVID-19 being chief among them. Just like with the Ukraine issue, though, it’s not going to work. People understand Omicron, and not Joe Biden killed the coronavirus. People will see the context behind the President’s boasts about job growth. The government has destroyed those jobs. If he attempts to say wages have gone up, the people will quickly see that inflation has outpaced wage growth.

This is the basic idea. Most Americans are awake now, and they are not going to be fooled by a senile old man stumbling through a teleprompter speech, trying to take credit for things he didn’t do. Biden’s presidency has been a disaster, and no amount of coping and spin is going to change that. It is unlikely that the State of the Union will bounce back this year. Biden will continue to fall. Even if he manages to make it through his speech, it’s going to be a disaster.

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