The View Touts Assailing Justices’ Homes, Claims They Hate Free Speech

According to ABC’s vile coven known as The View, if you’re against the left doxxing the addresses of conservative justices and threatening mobs assailing their homes, then you’re against the First Amendment. Sunny Hostin’s Monday co-host argument was that justices wanted to take away women’s privacy with draft abortion rulings.

Hostin didn’t really speak until the B-block and when she did she began with faux sympathy for Supreme Court Justice Alito and touted the protesters that assailed their homes:

Sure, that weekend was awesome. I was witness to many protests taking place outside some justices’ houses. My understanding is that Justice Alito had to hide.Because of this, you’ll know that draft opinions were leaked.

While I find it terrible that justices would need to be hidden, It is clear that the justices have made it very obvious to me now, I believe.Ana stated that 64-66 percent Americans think that Roe v. Wade should be upheld by the Supreme Court.

Hostin was optimistic about the “outcry gives Chief Justice Roberts some leverage for a more moderate approach.”

The table was irate that Justice Clarence Thomas continued to resist the intimidation tactics from the leftists (Click “expand”):



HOSTIN: Just think, when Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas come out and say at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference they won’t be bullied. People need to accept that there are outcomes with which they disagree with –

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Tell that to your wife!

HOSTIN: Yeah, and other —

JOY BEHAR: Tell that to Donald Trump who refuses to say that he lost.

Following that griping, Hostin lashed out and suggested the justices were against free speech because they didn’t want to be targeted at their homes. “And then other justices are saying you have no right to stand and freely protest — peacefully protest outside of our homes.”

According to her, they wanted the privacy that they were stripping from women who wanted abortions. “We have a right to privacy. Well, women have a right to privacy as well, and women have a right to privacy with their bodies,” she sneered, ignoring the fact abortion takes a life.

And what about the leftist terrorism from over the weekend? We got one sentence from co-host Ana Navarro. “We saw this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin where an anti-abortion clinic was targeted and was bombed, and we cannot condone violence from anybody,” she said.

And as they ended the B-block, Whoopi Goldberg suggested the justices were going to make interracial marriage illegal by passing a “law.” She didn’t have an explanation of how this could be true since Thomas is in an interracial marriage and the Supreme Court doesn’t pass laws.

Goldberg also claimed, without evidence, that overturning Roe would determine “Where your kid goes to school and what your child can learn.” Seemingly unable to comprehend what she just asserted, she huffed: “I don’t understand why we’re still talking about schools, public schools being bullied by governors.”

And as they went to break, Goldberg urged viewers to “make sure you get out and vote because this one thing can change an entire country into something and someplace you don’t want to be.”

This nonsense about Roe and the touting of targeting justices was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from L’Oréal and Olay. Their contact information is linked.

The transcript is below, click “expand” to read:

ABC’s The View
May 9, 2022
11:14:28 a.m. Eastern


SUNNY HOSTIN: Yeah, over the weekend I was — I was watching a lot of the protests that were happening outside of some of the justices’ homes. And my understanding is that Justice Alito has had to go into hiding because of this, you know, draft opinion that was leaked.

And while I think it is terrible that a justice would have to go into hiding, I think it is really clear to the justices now that, as Ana mentioned, 64 to 66 percent of Americans believe that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade, right?

And so that being said, maybe these protests, and maybe this outcry gives Chief Justice Roberts some leverage for a more moderate approach. Because we saw during the hearing that he was looking for a way, a moderate way to handle this — this — this case.

And I just think when you have the Supreme Court justices like Clarence Thomas coming out this weekend and saying at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference that they will not be bullied, and that people need to live with outcomes they don’t agreeWith the —

WHOOPI OLDBERG: Share that with your wife

HOSTIN : Yes. And other

JOY BEAR: Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge that he was defeated.

GOLDBERG – No. But his wife —

HOSTIN: His wife. Other justices then said that you cannot stand freely and peacefully protest — outside of our houses. Privacy is a fundamental right. The same goes for women, who have a right of privacy.

And umm… I’m just shocked that that’s what we’re hearing from men. These are the words we hear from justices. We’re hearing that Republicans don’t believe people have the right to protest abortion clinics.

ANA NAVARRO – You used a word I consider to be key. You protest peacefully.

HOSTIN: Protest peacefully

NAVARRO, I believe that is a keyword.

HOSTIN: Absolutely.

NAVARRO – We witnessed this weekend in Madison Wisconsin, where an anti abortion clinic was attacked and bombed. It is unacceptable that anyone would condone such violence.

HOSTIN: Right.

NAVARRO:  The way to overturn this is through public pressure. Votes are the only way to change this. You should immediately check your voter registration to make sure you are properly registered.


Eastern, 11:17:17

WHOOPI Goldberg: What about gay and interracial couples? This law applies to all 50 years, regardless of their desire and ability to change it.

BEHAR: Yeah.

GOLDBERG What your child can learn and where they go to school are two of the many things you need to be aware. Why are we still discussing schools and public schools being bullied or run by governors? Public schools are for everyone. Public use is allowed. It is for all faith systems. It is intended for children with gay parents. It is for children of black parents and those with white parents. It’s public — for parents with black and white children.

You are my friend. Yes, I do see you. Do you know what? You must vote. This one action can make a country a better place. We’ll return the favor.


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