‘The View’ Steps on a Rake in Unintentionally Hilarious Rant on Tucker Carlson’s ‘Relevancy’ – Opinion

If one wanted to draw up an apt portrait of what the rabid pits of the Democratic fever swamp actually look like at their absolute worst, they would be hard-pressed to find a more fitting example to work with than to flip their televisions on and turn the channel to ABC for another mind-numbing episode of “The View,” where self-loathing so-called progressives open their mouths on a daily basis and let the inevitable ignorance, stupidity, and hate-filled intolerance for differing viewpoints spew forth.

But this week on the show where willful ignorance and empty virtual signaling reign supreme, an unintentionally hilarious moment happened when the subject turned to Tucker Carlson, a frequent target of the far-left’s ire including the co-hosts of “The View.”

Carlson is the one being blamed for Saturday’s massacre at Buffalo’s grocery store that resulted in 10 deaths and 3 more injuries. The shooter’s manifesto confirms his murder spree was racially motivated, and though Tucker Carlson was not mentioned anywhere in it, that’s all it took for Joy Behar and the gang to go nuclear on Carlson over the two days.

On the Tuesday program, Behar revealed her supposed insights on Carlson’s relevancy. Here’s how this unintentionally hilarious segment of the show went down:

“Back in [the] World War II period, there was a guy named Father Coughlin, and he was an anti-Semite and a racist, he was a priest from the Catholic Church,” she stated. “He had, in a country of 127 million people, he was on the radio, he had 30 to 40 million listeners. That’s a lot.”

But when you contrasted Carlson’s viewership with population numbers for the U.S., Behar proclaimed, his viewer/listener base being at 3 million people in comparison with the actual population of America (326 million) meant that he was “almost irrelevant.”

“Tucker Carlson has, in a country of 326 million people – we have grown, he has 3 million listeners. So it’s 30 to 40 million versus 3 million. He’s almost irrelevant if you think about it,” Behar alleged. “And I think maybe that’s the way to go with him. You can ignore him. Every time we talk about him, every time the media gives him air time, he gets bigger and bigger.”


The problem with Behar’s rant is that it ignores/overlooks a couple of things, the primary one being that his critics can’t have it both ways. He’s either the cause of all the hate in America and needs to be canceled or he’s “almost irrelevant.” Pick one and stick with it:

Secondly, if Carlson’s nightly numbers make him “almost irrelevant,” what does that make “The View,” whose numbers are about 1 million lower on any given day of the week?

Carlson was viewed by an average of 3.214 million people each night in 2021. Carlson isn’t the only one who has access to cable. He also has over 5 million Twitter followers.

The View saw an average 2.214million viewers daily during that April time frame. The View also had comparable numbers at other times in the last year, according to data. The View has less than one million Twitter followers. 887,843 people follow its official Twitter account. Behar is slightly over one million in followers.

Not bad for a guy who is “almost irrelevant,” is it?

Where Behar is right is in how repeatedly talking about a public figure helps boost that person’s popularity but only to a point. This is the message It has to be there, too, or it all falls apart, and Carlson has shown over his time on Fox News that he’s been able to cut through the bull and even pull in impressive viewership numbers among DemocratsAs well as Republicans despiteHis critics are rantings, ravings.

Why is this? Because sometimes in repeatedly dunking on people, you have TV watchers or radio listeners who will tune in for what they think is going to be a clown show but who then turn around and say, “Hey, this person might be on to something.” On the other hand, if in watching or listening to the supposedly offending program, if in their minds the hosts “confirm” what their critics say, the viewers/listeners are unlikely to tune in again.

Joy Behar and her team of carnival barkers are not going to follow through on Carlson’s request and give him no more airtime. This is what makes it even more funny. Like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, CNN’s Brian Stelter, online liberal hack Aaron Rupar, and the clowns and Media Matters, Carlson is like a drug and they simply can’t quit him – and don’t want to, primarily because rather than looking in a mirror they need a right-wing “boogeyman” to blame for everything, and Carlson being the effective messenger he is makes him Public Enemy Number One as far as they are concerned.

Tucker Carlson receives more attention than the brief mention this week. Behar and Co. are unable to resist. I’m not a betting woman, but this is a pretty easy call to make because if there’s anything “The View” co-hosts have demonstrated over the years in addition to having a knack for dumbing down America little by little each day it’s their propensity to be boringly predictable, bless their hearts.

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