The View: Parents at School Board Meetings Are Same as Buffalo Shooter

Are you a parent that has kids in school and you’re concerned about what they’re learning and attend school board meetings? Well, according to the clucking coven over on ABC’s The View, you’re exactly like the mass shooter who drove 200 miles to target black Americans in a shooting rampage that killed 10 people. And the cast (and the left) wants to be the ones teaching your kids because you can’t be trusted at home.

Sunny Hostin (co-host) flatly compared parents at school board meetings with the mass shooting victim, in spite of the fact that they were uttering nonsense about the Right being just a bunch extremists.

You can’t go wrong with Buffalo.A black 18-year-old boy drove 200 miles just to get rid of black people. We now have parents storming the school boards and saying, “we don’t want the talk about race relations, we don’t want to talk about anti-racism.”

These parents were accused by her of producing racist killers and demanded that she be informed. “Well, what are you teaching your kids at home then?! How are you interacting with your family? How are you referring to your own home?!”



Hostin denied that the Critical Race Theory racism was being opposed by his parents. “not teaching them [their children]The right things[.]” “[I]f you’re not talking about racism, if you’re not talking about the systemic problems that are happening, let us teach them about it,”She yelled angrily.

Later in the segment, co-host Sara Haines falsely claimed leftist politics was the favored direction of the country and claimed “gerrymandering” from the Republicans was the reason their vision was not being fulfilled. “The system is rigged,”Joy Behar stated, “Freely saying whatever people with opposing views get into trouble for.”

Elaborating, Behar declared “the electoral college is a rigged idea.” In agreement, Hostin jumped in to claim it was also “based in slavery.” This sparked a back and forth where Hostin flaunted her bellicose ignorance on the subject:

HAINES – I can understand why they created the electoral college.

HOSTIN : It is true that the spirit of electoral colleges was in slavery.

HAINES – It was founded to ensure that less rural areas have a voice at national elections.

HOSTIN: The less rural areas had a lot more slaves than the rest and wanted to make sure their slaves count.

HAINES: But they didn’t have power. You’re proving my point…

“Here’s the real truth about it, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work now anymore,”Whoopi Goldberg stated, trying to convince them to stop.

Earlier in the segment, Goldberg shared a relevant nugget of wisdom, that sometimes “people just want to be bitchy about stuff. They just want to be bitchy.” And with ZERO self-awareness, she added: “And I have to stop asking these dumb questions about why stupidity rises to the top and all the mediocracy rises to the top when really smart thinking seems to be struggling to get up there.”

Whoopi, you mean like claiming “the Holocaust isn’t about race” or anything else said on this show?

This attack against parents concerned with what’s being taught in school was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Ensure and Olay. They are linked to each other.

The transcript is below, click “expand” to read:

ABC’s The View
April 17, 2022
Eastern, 11:20:58


SUNNY HOTIN: However, I have to say that I don’t mind not speaking about Tucker Carlson. If we discuss race in school or in families, it would be fine. Let’s go back to Buffalo. An 18-year old kid drives 200 miles just to murder black people. And now we have parents storming school boards and saying, “we don’t want the talk about race relations, we don’t want to talk about anti-racism.”

So, how are you teaching your children at home? Is there anything going on at home? How are you referring to your own home?!

It’s obvious that CRT wasn’t the problem. It’s WRT, it’s white replacement theory is the problem. What are you doing to teach your children if they don’t feel oppressed or bad? We can teach your kids about systemic issues if we aren’t teaching the correct things.

It’s important to inform my children that they might be killed if they shop in Tops.


Eastern, 11:22:33

WHOOPI GLOBBERG: People just love to be a bitchy about everything. It’s all about being bitchy. It is not fair to ask stupid questions as to why stupidity and mediocracy are at the top. Smart thinking, however, seems to be struggling to reach the top.


Eastern at 11:23:19

SARA HAINES This includes the electoral college, a number of those protections, and at the local level the gerrymandering and redistricting. So, they’re manipulating who can vote and how they can vote—

GOLDBERG: Because they’re scared.

HAINES — It’s fascinating to see how they keep.

JOY BEAR: It’s rigged

HAINES: I don’t believe the system —

BEHAR: This is an ill-conceived idea.

HAINES: It is my understanding of the spirit.

HOSTIN: And it’s based in slavery.

BEHAR: It’s based in slavery.

HAINES: Well, it’s also base on the fact that in places where I come from, in the middle of the country, we don’t have the population of people. Do we mean to say that the vote of an Iowan voter or from a smaller state shouldn’t be counted in national elections as well? It is a good idea.

BEHAR: A vote per person.

HAINES: Right. But, that’s saying –

HOSTIN: Each person should have one vote. Each person should have one vote.

HAINES – I can understand why they created the electoral college.

HOSTIN: The spirit of electoral college was discovered in slavery.

HAINES – It was founded to ensure that less rural areas have a voice at national elections.

HOSTIN – Because less rural regions had many slaves, they desired their slaves would count.

HAINES: But they didn’t have power. I think you’re right. The rural vote was not helpful.


GOLDBERG – Here is the truth. It doesn’t work. The current version of it doesn’t even work.


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