‘The View’ Declares Justice Sonya Sotomayor’s False Fearmongering as Still Factual – Opinion

According to Sunny Hostin of The View, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor may have been wrong about the numbers but with a little wordplay, Hostin has declared that she’s still right. Oh, also the CDC is suddenly not as right as the “wise Latina” either.

Hostin’s defense of Sotomayor comes after the Justice truly unleashed her most bizarre opinions, including saying unborn babies are no different than braindead people, and recently, declaring during arguments over the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate that humans and machines are no different because we spew viruses.

Sotomayor added to the absurdity by declaring that 100,00 children are suffering from COVID. If you’re wondering where she got that number, you’re in good company, because nobody knows where it originated. Politifact even had to admit it.

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Let’s not forget that the HHS has just reported that there were over 3300 COVID-19-infected children in their care. That means almost 97,000 children are being unfairly treated.

Regardless of Sotomayor’s absolute lunacy, birds of a feather must flock together, and the luny bin that is the ladies at The View came to the justice’s rescue with Hostin declaring that while Sotomayor is wrong, she’s still right.

Hostin started by stating that she wanted to “reframe” Sotomayor’s statements and added that while she’s wrong on the numbers, she’s correct about more children being in the hospital now than ever before.

“Well, you know, she may not be accurate for current hospitalizations in children she’s correct that we have more children in the hospital now more than ever before, and it’s certainly reflects the current cases in children, right now, we have 82,843 children sick with COVID,” said Hostin.

“More than a 1,000 children have died from the virus,” she continued. “In addition, about 7.8 million children have caught COVID since the pandemic started, and so those are just the numbers and so, while fewer than 83,000 kids have been hospitalized with the virus we have kids sick with COVID more than we ever have before so that’s a real thing and those are real numbers.”

But it gets worse.

Hostin, an avid lover of “the science,” is suddenly unwilling to embrace the guidance of the CDC itself which has reduced the quarantine of those infected with COVID from 10 days to 5, and does not require a negative test when the time comes to get back out into the world. Hostin seems to think that staff shortages can be explained by insufficient vaccinations.

To be clear, vaccination hasn’t slowed the spread of COVID-19, and if the vaccine is integral to keeping people out of the hospital and lessening the effects of the virus, then what is Hostin’s concern? Is she not a believer in the vaccine? Do you doubt her faith in the CDC Does she believe the opposite?

Doesn’t that count as “misinformation?”

It’s also been very clear that of all the people who suffer from COVID-19 the most, children are some of the least affected, with children showing symptoms of the virus ranging from nil to 1.7 percent.

This is how it turned out. Sotomayor flatly lied, and Hostin was determined to defend Sotomayor’s COVID-19 fearmongering story.

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